The 3 Day Yoga Detox Diet for Healthier Body

Yoga detox diet should be able to detoxify the body to achieve a healthier state as long as it is combined with a well-planned meal plans for at least 3 days

Having a certain type of detoxification in term of the system inside our body is essential in which the yoga detox diet is one of the available options to consider. This one can be done within 3 days to really achieve the best result in the detoxifying matter for the body itself. Yet when this particular type of diet is not prepared well and done properly, the end result of the diet itself may not be that satisfying.

In order to get ready for this body detox diet, observing the actual dietary habits right before the diet will be needed. It may even be needed to jot down what you eat and put three things out of the list that you have just made to be the things to avoid or simply limit during upcoming days leading to the diet itself. Considering changing the so-called bad stuff with a more healthful option will also contribute well to the preparation of the diet itself so pay attention to it.


Day 1 Plan

So, within the yoga detox diet plan that will be done within three days there should be some plans according to the foods to eat daily. Surely since it is a special diet to detoxify the body, the foods will not be the same as your daily foods previously. The breakfast of day 1 should be lemon water, unsweetened dried fruit, cooked quinoa, seeds or nuts, and flax oil. Meanwhile for lunch there should be kitchari, herbal tea, and steamed collards with lemon and miso tahini as the dressing.

Completing the plan for this 3 day detox diet, the dinner for day 1 should consist of mixed fruit that can actually be replaced by half a melon, kale, broccoli, onions, baked sweet potato, and also chickpeas sautéed in olive oil. Those are the menus for day 1 to initiate the diet plan itself.


Day 2 Plan

Moving to the day 2 of the diet, there are also specific plans for the meals all day long. In term of the breakfasts it should only contain lemon water, fruit smoothie, hemp seeds or flax, and spirulina.

The lunch will be black bean stew, mixed greens salad with boiled or steamed beets and flax oil plus balsamic vinegar dressing, and also quinoa tossed with raw vegetables plus balsamic vinegar and flax oil. Meanwhile the dinner should be herbal tea, brown rice, carrot-ginger soup, and flax oil and steamed spring greens.


Day 3 Plan

The last day of this diet is considerably simpler with the breakfast of only lemon water, sauerkraut, and leftover kitchari. Kombucha, mashed baked sweet potato, mixed salad with sprouts, grated carrots, and miso tahini and lemon as dressing, plus stewed black bean or carrot ginger soup should be the lunch.

Ending the diet plan for 3 days will be stir-fried ocean veggie, herbal tea, and also leftover brown rice for the dinner of the day 3. Those are the plans for at least 3 days of diet with the main purpose to detoxify the body.

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