What Happens If You Smoke Weed While Pregnant? Reveal the Secrets

What happens if you smoke weed while pregnant? Actually the answer is pretty clear. The danger and the harm can be so bad for the baby

What happens if you smoke weed while pregnant? Well, many women think that weed is not that harmful as tobacco. Keep consuming and smoking weed during pregnancy is somewhat increasing the probability of further problem to both mother and baby.

In fact, marijuana is the lightest substance rather than other kind of weeds. Women tend to choose that. Even though it is lightest, it will still have some dangerous effects particularly toward the baby.

Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Bad for the Baby and the Mother?

Smoking is actually not good for people, whether it is man or woman. That is not only for women in pregnancy or women as general but it is for all people. It has been researched that smoking weed may lead to several problems including addiction even something more lethal.

Smoking anything will be absolutely prevented during pregnancy. When people are smoking, then the oxygen coming to the whole body will be less. Surely it directly impacts to the fetus since it does not get sufficient oxygen supply. Even worse, it may cause lethal effect to the baby.

Having insufficient oxygen to the body, even pregnant mother may have with it. When people state that “I smoked weed while pregnant and my baby is fine”, it is such a controversy. Every woman has their own capacity. They have their own character. It will be about the body and the nutrients. But if they are smoking, whether it is weed or tobacco, the blood supply will be interfered.

As the result, the baby will not get enough oxygen. It if happens, the fetus can be harmed and can cause defects. It can have smaller length and also weight. For the worse effects, it may cause physical defect such as lung or heart problem.

Furthermore, consuming marijuana during pregnancy is also linked to several pregnancy problems such as premature birth, stillbirth and also low baby weight. Even, some researches also show that marijuana increases the chance of several problems including memory, planning, and attention problem during childhood.

Not to mention the weed may also contain several chemicals. You cannot make sure that the weed you consume is not contaminated. Surely it brings greater risk of danger toward your fetus. Even though some products claim that they are certificated, you cannot make sure whether or not it is true.

The other bad effect whenever you smoke weed during pregnancy is the problem related to your breast milk. Surely your baby needs it from you. If you cannot stop smoking weed, the bad substance comes into your bloodstream and it may also come to the breast. As a result, your breast milk will bring the bad substance of weed.

When babies are breastfed, they will feel uncomfortable. They will have jitterier while they are breastfed. It is because of the marijuana. It affects the milk so then the babies feel not comfortable to consume the milk since the taste is different.

For the babies, they will have delay on motoric skills. But the effect will not be that long. It is just permanent. So, when other people ask you “can I smoke weed while I’m pregnant?” then answer it with big NO!

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