What Does Lung Cancer Pain Feel Like? Number 2 Is the Most

what does lung cancer pain feel like? Each symptom may have different feeling of pain. Learn more about the symptoms and how they feel. It is better to ask the expert

What does lung cancer pain feel like? That is a very good question. Lung cancer can be really painful. It can be described on the following 5 signs. So, if you also ask does lung cancer hurt? The answer is yes.

However, the level of the pain can be different depending on the sign. Just remember, if there is one of these signs in you, you need to get an immediate diagnose and treatment from the expert. Early sign can be detected after you are diagnosed then it means the right treatment can be applied.

1. Hoarseness or Persistent Cough

How does lung cancer start? It has different answer since each sufferer gets different period. However, the initial symptom of lung cancer is hoarseness or persistent cough. Those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer have voice changes, recurrent cough for long period starting from weeks, months to years.

Many deny if this symptom is caused by illness or allergies. For smokers, they argue if it is smoker’s cough. If you ask how it feels, it is like the sound of your voice is hoarse or throaty. Get checked and get the right treatment if you have this.

2. Shortness of breath

This is the most common symptom that patients with lung cancer can feel. It is about 15{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the patients have this symptom even if they are nonsmokers. It can be caused by air pollution, toxins, secondhand smoke.

This is also as one of the most classic symptoms of this type of cancer. However, it can be unnoticed. Then, how it feels? It is like you are having asthma and have gotten out of the shape. It is like harder to get a deep breath. Is lung cancer painful? By this symptom, it is yes.

3. Unexplained Weight Loss or Loss Appetite

If you are not with certain diet program but suddenly you lose your weight. Then, it can be one of the symptoms of lung cancer. You may ask how it feels. You may lose interest in foods even forget to eat. Others may also feel full quickly.

Nausea when you are eating too fast or too much can be how it looks like.  You may see your clothes loose although you eat regularly. This can be a warning sign of lung cancer. Ensure to check the body weight regularly.

4. In Men, Abnormal Chest Growth Chest

In men, lung cancer may have symptoms an enlargement of the chest. It is also known with gynecomastia. This is also as an embarrassing topic in TV or in movie jokes as it is also called as ‘man boobs’.

How it feels? The enlargement of the chest can be dramatic or subtle. It can occur in only one or both chests. The enlargement can be under the nipple. If you see this, then it can be an early warning too.

There are still other symptoms of lung cancer. Each symptom may have different pain. However, the symptom can be an early warning that you need to get a medical checkup and treatment immediately. Ask your doctor to get diagnosed whether you have lung cancer or not then get the right treatment.

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