What Do Antidepressants Do to Your Body? You Should Know This!

What do antidepressants do to your brain? It is actually very dangerous. You can suffer from withdrawal symptoms and make your condition become worse after taking antidepressant

Antidepressant is kind of drugs that can create hallucination effects in your body. What do antidepressants do? Can it cause addiction? These questions are the questions that commonly appear among many people related to antidepressants. Many people like to use antidepressant to reduce pain in the body. There are different types of antidepressant commonly prescribed by the doctors. If you think that you need to get antidepressant, you need to know about it deeper.

Can Antidepressant Cause Addiction?

According to some reliable sources, antidepressant does not cause addiction. Unlike nicotine that can cause withdrawal symptoms, antidepressant does not cause withdrawal symptoms that are often caused by addiction of nicotine. Antidepressants such as tranquillizers or painkillers, does not cause addiction because you do not need to raise the dose to get the same effects. However, this assumption is not true because some people suffer from withdrawal symptoms after getting antidepressant treatment.

What Does Anti-Depressant Do?

What do antidepressants do to the brain? This question leads us to understand about the causes why we take antidepressant. People are prescribed to take antidepressant if they are suffering from depression. Depression affects the function of the brain and antidepressant affect some brain circuits and chemicals signals pass from one cell to another cell. Therefore, antidepressant affects the behavior of the neurotransmitter to be stable. The chemicals in the brain include serotonin and dopamine.

Common Types of Antidepressants

Doctors who prescribed antidepressant to the patient give substance called reuptake inhibitors. This kind of substance prevents neurotransmitter to reabsorb back into the nerve cells. It will make the neurotransmitter stays temporarily in the gap called as synapse. The types of reuptake inhibitors are SSRIs, SNRIs, and NDRIs. This antidepressant works to strengthen the brain circuits that can organize mood. Therefore, the mood of the people who take antidepressant would be stable.

The Effects of Antidepressant

Can antidepressants make depression worse? People who take antidepressant will suffer from different types of withdrawal symptoms and the level of the symptoms is different from on people to another. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, dizziness, electric shock, or stomachache. However, taking antidepressant does not heal the illness. It just makes it better for temporary. You can feel worse if you are not healed instead you are addicted by antidepressant.

When you think that you are under stress, you might ask yourself “do i Need antidepressants”? Before rushing yourself and get the drug, you need to check it to your doctor whether you really need to take antidepressant or not.

Try to prevent yourself to take antidepressant as hard as you can because antidepressant does not heal your illness. It just make the illness becomes temporary healed but it will be back and cause worse effect on your body. You can heal your stress by doing positive activities and visit your doctor as soon as you can.

Therefore, if you think that you need to take antidepressant, you need to think twice. Even though the effect is not as worse as nicotine, it can affect your brain. You can be someone different after you suffer from addiction of antidepressant.

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