Super Unique Ingredients for Your Yummy Vegan Protein Shakes

Many of us thought that vegan protein shakes are boring and not delicious. Soon as you finish this article and try the unique suggested ingredients, you’ll see that vegan protein shakes are cool

Protein shakes give us lots of benefits. For men who want to gain more muscle mass, protein shakes will help. For ladies who are desired to reduce their weight, protein shakes are perfect choice as well. We can use so many ingredients to make protein shakes, but the best ingredients are vegetables. But many fruits will help making our vegan protein shakes become tastier and healthier. So now, start replacing your meal and snack with protein shakes so you can control your calories and live healthier life.

We can use so many ingredients to make the vegan protein smoothies including fruits, nut butters, nuts, yogurts, savory items (like spaghetti sauce), or coffee to make our protein shakes look more stunning and taste better. Let us talk about adding fruits to the protein shakes. Either frozen fruit or fresh fruit will give great consistency to the protein shakes. Those fruits come in assorted flavors and contain healthy sugars. What fruits you can use to make healthier and tastier protein shakes?

Popular fruits we can use to make vegan protein shakes are including kiwi fruit, peaches, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, and bananas. Various berries contain assorted antioxidants while bananas come with lots of potassium. If you need to add more vitamin C to your shakes, add more kiwis to your protein smoothies. To perfect your work out sessions, make protein smoothies with watermelon that will help recovering your muscles and heart immediately after working out.

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Vegan Protein Supplements from Natural Vegan Protein Shakes

Instead of consuming protein supplements or using protein powder to make vegan protein shakes, you’re suggested to try lots of vegan protein shakes recipes that contain assorted natural ingredients that are healthier for your body. Yogurt is one of great ingredient you must add to your protein smoothies. If you decide to use protein powders, add yogurt to your shakes or smoothies that will hide protein powders’ chalky taste and give your smoothies and shakes the nice tanginess.

Besides, yogurts will provide great consistency to your vegan protein shakes and smoothies. To get the right consistency on your smoothies or shakes, you need add more kefir, milk, juice, or water so that the yogurt won’t make your protein smoothies and shakes become too thick. Yogurt comes with good bacteria that will make your protein smoothies and shakes become great for digestive system. The good bacteria are also able to help increasing the mineral availability inside our body. What does it mean?

Because our body’s mineral availability is increased by the good bacteria, that mineral will strengthen our bones and increase the mass of our bone. Are you a lover of coffee? If so, you may be suggested to reduce your coffee consumption and start consuming vegan protein shakes. If you want to, you can add coffee to your protein smoothies. Or, you can prepare your coffee then separately mix milk and protein powder in order to make creamy consistency that’s nice. Next mix protein mixture with your coffee.

Some people decided to add pasta sauce to their vegan protein shakes. The pasta sauce will make protein powder that’s unflavored becomes savory and tangy. If you’re interested to add pasta sauce to your protein sauce you need to consider using tomato sauce that’s high in antioxidant. The antioxidant inside the tomato sauce will help lowering our total cholesterol. That antioxidant is also able to improve the ratio of the bad cholesterol to the good cholesterol and improve the blood sugar levels.

To make vegan protein shakes with tomato sauce, use organic tomato sauce made from organic tomatoes, which don’t have chemical additives or pesticides. The main ingredient you must add to your vegetarian protein smoothies is vegetables. So many vegetables wanted you to add them into your protein shakes. For example, there is celery, spinach, alfalfa, collards, kale, and so on. Consuming the green vegetables will improve the levels of fatty acid.

The levels of fatty acid that have been improved will reduce the circulating fats level in our bloodstream. So the vegetables will lower our risk of dangerous heart disease. To sweeten your vegan protein shakes and smoothies, use carrot instead of sugar. Then you will get healthy shakes that are rich of minerals, vitamins, fiber, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.


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