Very Recommended Treatment for Hormonal Acne, Must Try!

treatment for hormonal acne may be varying but if you want to get the right and best solution for your hormonal acne, it is advised to make a visit with dermatologist in routine

Looking for treatment for hormonal acne is absolutely not easy. Hormonal acne may appear to all 13-50 years old male or female. So, it is possible to appear on people by all ages and genres. You cannot guarantee if using the right products may avoid the acne since you don’t know the real cause of the acne. Well, the right products can be the key to make your face blemish-free. The next question is then what are the best treatments for hormonal acne to use?

Hormonal Acne: Is It Really Hormone?

You need to know the cause of hormonal acne first. You may say, is it really hormone behind this skin problem? You have a good question. Actually, just like other acne types, it is caused by bacteria that live inside on your skin.

In all ages, when the hormone produces excess oil, then it will be the right environment for the bacteria to live in. The right amount of oil will keep our skin and pore’s healthy. Too much oil then drive bacteria to come, enter the pores then create acne.

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So the causes for hormonal acne are actually the bacteria. Well, the excess oil on our skin can be the cause to drive bacteria to come. The excess oil on skin can be caused by stress, dead cells and also dirt.

Irritation from everything just like from diet to some skin products as well as a break out may also make your skin produces excess oil unless you work for preventing it. However, it cannot be denied that well past puberty and breaking out on the monthly period can be also the cause to acne.

Best and Very Recommended Treatment

Any causes of the hormonal acne, where it is actually the bacteria, the key to treat it is by a consistent routine. Why? That’s because this acne can be severe if it is not well treated or treated not in routine.

Even if you have the best treatment for hormonal acne, it will not work if you don’t do it in a consistent routine. Besides that, you may need to avoid some foods and drinks that have part to make the acne become severe as they feed bacteria. Foods and drinks to avoid like dairy, high glycemic foods, high sugar diets, alcohol, and caffeine

Some commercial products including several natural remedies may be the best solutions that work impressively. However, commercial products may also contain some side effects besides that if they are not suitable with your skin type, they may also make the acne worse.

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For home remedies, they may have no side effects and will be suitable with all skin types. But, they may not be supported with research. So, the best idea for the solution is asking a dermatologist help.

That is the much recommended solution and treatment for your hormonal acne. A dermatologist may check your skin type and the condition of the acne, is it severe or not. Then, he or she will suggest you the right treatment starting what products or home remedies to try as well as what foods and drinks to take and avoid. By now, just visit a dermatologist if you have hormonal acne.


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