Read This before Opting for Swimming Workouts for Weight Loss

How many calories will be burn during swimming workouts for weight loss and what are the disadvantages of swimming workouts? Find the answers of those questions here

Many want to get more ideal body by trying any exercise that helps them losing their weight. We have a secret about swimming workouts for weight loss. Swimming is a nice exercise that is also exciting. Swimming gives us lots of benefits for our body, including losing our weight and making our body looks more ideal.

Today, we’ll only talk about how to lose weight by doing swimming workouts. Below, you will see how swimming workouts for weight loss for beginners may work on yourself.

Swimming Workouts Burn More Calorie

There was a trusted report said that 190 pound woman or man will burn 863 calories when she or he swims one hour at vigorous pace. That adult will burn 690 calories when she or he is swimming at light pace.

This report shows us that the effect of swimming workouts for beginners is much bigger than doing workouts on the ground. Walking will burn 302 calories, tai chi will burn 345 calories, hiking will burn 518 calories, and tennis will burn 690 calories when they are done in an hour by 190 pound adult.

Cooling Effect of the Swimming Workouts

Even though swimming workouts lose weight may be a cool idea, cooling effects we will get when we swim in water makes swimming becomes not best workout especially for people who really want to lose their weight.

When we swim, we burn our calories. But the water will help regulate the temperature of our body. Since the water is helping to regulate our body temperature, our body will not work so hard to keep our body cool. So the effects of calorie burn when we swim will end when we end the workout.

Swimming Workouts’ Hunger Effect

A study said that swimming in warm pool is much better than swimming in cold pool. That study said that a person would like to eat lots of calories after swimming in cold pool. Compared to that person, another person who just finished swimming in warm pool will not eat as much calories.

The hunger effect only happens on people who choose to lose their weight in swimming pool. People who choose to lose their weight by biking or running or the other land based exercises will not get the hunger effects.

If you have read everything about losing weight in swimming pool above and you’re still interested to swim in order to lose your weight, you need to find the best swimming pool to do your swimming workouts. There is no better place for your swimming workouts to lose your weight but the pools that have designated lap lanes also lap swim times.

Find swimming pools that are warmer than other pools. Those warmer pools are great place for you to working out with less cooling effect and hunger effect. Even the best swimming pool is not enough to help you lose your weight if you don’t continue your swimming workout consistently. So set goals that are realistic and keep swimming consistently to lose your weight.

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