Why You Take Slim Fast Protein Shakes for Your Best Slimfast Diet

slim fast shake for weight loss

Everyone will be surprised with the promise of slim fast protein shakes with its ability in losing weight with this meal replacement, shake. Just follow the plan that is called 3-2-1 plan and you will lose 1 to 2 pounds every week. The 3-2-1 plan means that you need to take 3 100-calorie snacks, 2 slimfast meal replacements and 1 500-calorie meal.

What to Eat

Every diet plan shows you several foods that you can eat and the other foods that you can’t eat. The following foods are that you better take. For the meal replacements, you can take 6 flavors of protein meal bars, 8 pre-made slim fast protein shakes, and 6 flavors of protein powder. Make sure that all of them have 200 calories.

For the 100-calorie snack, you can take the peanut butter crunch with double Dutch chocolate, fruit, pistachios, carrot sticks, sorbet, nonfat yogurt or pretzels. Then, for the 500-calorie meal, you better take half plate of veggies, quarter plate of lean protein, and another quarter plate of starch. Luckily, there is nothing really prohibited for this diet plan. Even alcohol is allowed because the plan also features some recipes of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

What to Consider

Remember that the food is actually flexible, especially for the meal you provide by yourself to complete the snack bars, shakes and meal bars. What to keep in mind includes the limitation. The slimfast’s meal replacement bars and slim fast protein shakes selection is limited to around 20. You have the flexibility with the snacks and the meal that you provide. They include starch, veggies and lean protein.

You should also keep in mind the way you shop and cook. Meal replacement, snack bars and the shakes are commonly “grab and go”. You can only plan and only prepare one meal per day. For the shakes, prepare some slim fast protein shakes recipes. Packaged meals or foods are required. For the exercise, you should encourage strength training and walking for your daily exercise. The plan does not require specific workout.

Special Cautions

If you are taking special diet, such as vegetarian or vegans, gluten free and lactose intolerant, you must keep the plan with slim fast protein shakes in mind. For the vegetarians, the 3-2-1 plan may lead you to some alternatives to 4-6 ounces of meat. They can be tofu, black beans, lentils, or quinoa. They will be the daily meal. It is okay to take reduced fat or low fat dairy such as cheese, milk and yogurt. For the vegans, the option will be limited because most of meal replacements are from eggs or dairy.

For the gluten free, you need to make sure that the ingredients are good for you. Unfortunately, the slimfast products, including the slim fast protein shakes are not labeled “gluten free”. If you are in doubt, you can contact the company to ask whether the product is good for you or not.

For the lactose intolerant, you can combine the slim fast protein shakes with low fat soy milk or lactose free milk. Keep in mind that most slimfast meal bars contain 2 g or less of lactose per serving.

What More to Know

complete explanation of slim fast protein shakes nutrition

Just like checking gluten free products, it is also sometime important to check the slim fast nutrition facts to have a simple prediction of how it works. A professional, BrunildaNazario, MD said that silmfast do works for weight loss. It works especially for those who don’t pay attention to the calories they take. Studies also proved that people can lose more weight when eating meal replacements including the slim fast protein shakesor portion-controlled meals.

Low calorie diets including this slimfast diet and plan or the use of 1 or 2 meal replacements help one lose weight. The more important is that the diets can also help keep the weight off longer.

In addition to special cautions above, there are also some conditions that need more attention. Commonly, some conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes make one have extra weight so that cutting calories will complete their treatment. Slim fast protein shakes can be part of how they cut calorie intake.

One with calorie restricted diet should discuss with their doctor or nutritionist in taking this plan. They can also read some slim fast shakes reviews. The doctor will adjust the drugs for you, such as blood pressure medications and insulin. Sometimes, weight loss can lead to drop blood sugar levels, fatigue, dizziness, and some low blood sugar symptoms.


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