The Scary Facts of Skin Cancer and How to Stay Away from It


What do you know about skin cancer? Many have problem with their skin but they ignore that problem until they realize that the problem on their skin is a cancer. Skin cancer can attack everyone in all ages. There are so many things that can cause skin cancer but there are many things to prevent this disease. You must understand the symptoms of skin cancer so you can pick the right treatments if you know you have been attacked by skin cancer. Today we will inform you about skin cancer.

First of all, we want you to know the definition of skin cancer first. So, what is skin cancer? The cells of skin cancer start in our skin’s cells. The other cancer types start in the other body parts and are able to spread to our skin, but they are not the skin cancers. There are some different types of skin cancer; at least three different types have been identified. Basal cell carcinomas or basal cell skin cancer is the first type. Squamous cell carcinomas or squamous cell skin cancer is the second one. What is the third type?

Melanomas are the last type of skin cancer. Between the three types of skin cancer above, most common skin cancer is the basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer. Both types of skin cancer can be found on some parts of our body that are exposed to sun like our neck and head. Both skin cancer types are strong depended on the sun exposure of each person. Both basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer are not as dangerous as melanomas. But we must treat it soon.

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Even though basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer is not as threatening as melanomas, we need to find the right treatments for those skin cancers and then treat them immediately. If we ignore those types of skin cancer, they will grow bigger and then invade the nearby organs and tissues. Then they cause deformity, function loss in some body parts, and scarring. If you don’t treat the squamous cell skin cancer, it will grow and be more fatal and dangerous. Treat them very immediately.

About melanomas, they are skin cancers that are developed from melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that are able to make brown pigments to give color to our skin. Besides, melanocytes can shape benign growths that are called moles (moles are non cancerous). The melanomas can happen anywhere on our body, but most common areas where melanomas grow are our back and chest in men. Legs are most common areas where melanomas grow in women. Usually melanomas start to grow on face and neck.

Besides the three types of skin cancer above, there are some other types of skin cancer that are less common including Kaposi sarcoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, skin lymphoma, and many more. You need to see your doctor and ask him or her about what kind of skin cancer occurs on your body since each type of skin cancer needs different treatments. Besides, you must understand what can cause skin cancer so that you can protect yourself from being attacked by skin cancer. Below are more skin cancer details.

Everything That Causes Skin Cancer and Makes It Worse

the main causes of skin cancer you must know first

After being informed about the danger of skin cancer, some people become so scared and look for more information especially about what causes skin cancer so they can prevent skin cancer from occurring on their body. There are at least three different things that will cause skin cancer and make skin cancer becomes worse and worse. First thing that can cause skin cancer is sunburn. Do you know that tanning is the second cause of skin cancer? And what’s the third thing that causes skin cancer?


Melanoma, that is the most dangerous skin cancer form, is caused by sunburn. A study said that 14{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of Australian adults, 8{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of Australian kids, and 24{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of Australian teenagers are sunburned on weekends in summer. Lots of people around the world get sunburned when those people are doing activities at a pool, at a beach, taking their part in their favorite water sports, when they’re having barbeque or while they’re gardening at the backyard behind their home.


Tan doesn’t show everybody that you have good health. Actually, tanning is sign that someone has been exposed under ultra violet radiation either from sun or from solarium. The ultra violet radiation that causes tan is actually damaging your skin. The UV radiation will cause wrinkles, yellowish discoloration, sagging, and brown patches on skin. Besides, UV radiation will increase the skin cancer risk. Tan will not protect you from the DNA damage that is able to cause skin cancer.


Solariums will emit UVB and UVA radiation that are known as the causes of skin cancer. When you’re looking for tanning cosmetic, you must find one that is not completed with solarium no matter what. Always check the label of tanning cosmetic and make sure the cosmetic you desire doesn’t contain solarium that cause skin cancer on your body and will kill you slowly.

How Do You Know That It Is A Skin Cancer?

Just like the other diseases, skin cancer comes in some skin cancer symptoms. You must be informed about the symptoms of skin cancer and keep those symptoms in your mind so that you can treat any type of skin cancer properly. About the skin cancer symptoms, they usually appear on some areas of our body that are exposed to sun such as face, scalp, neck, ears, lips, hands, arms, and legs (especially in women). Also, skin cancer can come on palms, under the toenails or fingernails, and on genital area.

melanoma skin cancer you can't underestimate

Skin cancer symptoms can affect people in any skin tone so you should not underestimate skin cancer. Melanoma usually occurs in the body of people who have darker skin tone. But this doesn’t mean people with lighter skin tone cannot get melanoma. Symptoms and signs of each skin cancer type are different from other types’. Here are the symptoms of three skin cancer types you must know and anticipate. See your doctor immediately once you find these symptoms on your body.

Symptoms of Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Basal cell skin cancer usually grows in some areas of our body that are exposed to sun like our face or neck. The symptoms of basal cell skin cancer are including lesion that is fresh colored and flat or looks like brown scar. Another symptom of basal cell skin cancer is waxy or pearly bump.

Symptoms of Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Just like basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancer oftentimes grows on our body areas that are exposed to sun like on our hands, ears, and face. People who have darker skin tone usually also find squamous cell skin cancer on their body areas that are not exposed to sun. The symptoms of squamous cell skin cancer are flat lesion that has crusted and scaly surface also red and firm nodule.

Symptoms of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Unlike the other two skin cancer types, melanoma is special since it can grow anywhere on our body, either in existing mole or in normal skin. In many cases, melanoma appears on trunk or face of the affected men while in women melanoma usually develops on lower legs that are not covered by mini skirt. Melanoma can also occur on the skin that is not exposed to sun at all. Melanoma symptoms are including big brownish spot that has darker speckles and moles that become worse.

Try to Find These Skin Cancer Signs on Your Body Now!

You have been informed that there are at least three different types of skin cancer. Skin cancer and all other types of cancer must be treated immediately and quickly so that the smallest skin cancer can be healed instead of being worse. You won’t find the effective treatment if you have no idea about the type of skin cancer that occurs on your body. So now, check your body and make sure there is no sign of skin cancer on your body. Here are the signs of skin cancer you must check on your body now.

There are some different ways you can do to find the signs of skin cancer on your body. First way is using full length standing or wall mirror and also hand held mirror that will help you see if there is sign of symptom on your body. Second way is asking someone to check your body and see if there is sign of skin cancer. Check the entire parts of your body since sometimes skin cancer occurs on body parts that aren’t exposed to sun like on feet soles, between toes and fingers, also under the nails.

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Get undressed so that you can check your body for any sign of skin cancer more maximally. Prepare good light that will help you check your body more properly. Use the mirror in order to check some spots you cannot see easily such as your scalp or your back. Your partner or family member can replace the presence of the mirror. When checking your body, you need to look for some signs of three different skin cancer types. Melanoma usually appears as existing sport or new spot.

Also check your body and make sure there is no basal cell skin cancer that is pearly, pale, or red in color and appears as dry or lump scaly area. If you find thickened and red scaly spot, either ulcerate or crust or bleed easily, you may have the squamous cell skin cancer on your body. Squamous cell skin cancer usually grows over several months and usually occurs in the body of people who are older than 50 years old.

Is This a Skin Cancer of Just a Mole?

Plenty of us have some moles on our body that appear when we were kids and when we were teenagers. Moles are not dangerous. But sometimes, something that we thought is a mole actually is a skin cancer. There is difference between skin cancer and moles. Moles that are not skin cancers look alike. But if you have a mole that looks different from the other moles or that appears after you are twenty five, you need to see doctor and make sure it is not the deadly melanoma.

knowing more detail about mole on nose

How do we know if a mole is a skin cancer? A mole on nose may be a skin cancer on nose if it has multiple colors such as black and brown and if it has uneven borders. Your mole may be a skin cancer if its size and/or color changes. So observe the mole carefully and make sure it doesn’t change. If it changes, get a confirmation from your doctor that the mole is a skin cancer or not. The skin cancer risk increases when you have more freckles or moles on your nose or on your face.

Even though some changes occur on your face skin, it doesn’t mean you get skin cancer on face. If you’re not sure about the moles or the skin cancer you need to visit your doctor and let him investigate your skin. Your doctor knows exactly the difference of skin cancer and mole. He will also give you the best recommendations for your skin problem.

Stunning Facts of Skin Cancer That Motivate You to Be Aware

We have so many skin cancer facts you must know. We will list those facts about skin cancer below so that you’ll read them more comfortably and be more anticipative in facing this skin cancer. Here are the complete facts of skin cancer you must know and the treatments and preventions for skin cancer.

  • Melanoma kills one person in every one hour
  • The researchers estimated that more than ten thousand people are about to die because of melanoma during the 2016
  • Many cases of melanoma skin cancer are triggered by sun
  • A study that has been done in United Kingdom found out that the exposure to the ultraviolet radiation from sun caused up to 86{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of melanoma skin cancer cases
  • Many people gain lung cancer that is caused by smoking, but more people get skin cancer that is caused by tanning
  • The melanoma risk is increased by up to 75{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} in people who use the tanning bed for the first time before he or she reaches thirty five years old
  • A study estimated that about twenty nine thousands American women and forty six thousands American guys are about to be diagnosed with invasive melanoma in this year
  • The study also estimated that that more than three thousands American women and more than six thousands American men will die because of melanoma in this year
  • Most people that are diagnosed with the melanoma skin cancer are men with lighter skin tone over fifty five years old
  • Childhood melanoma treatment usually is delayed because of misdiagnosis

That’s all some facts about the skin cancer. Melanoma is a dangerous disease that is able to kill anyone. But this doesn’t mean that someone will die once he is diagnosed with melanoma. If he finds the best treatments he will be able to be healthier and delay his death.

Proper Treatments to Save Your Life from Skin Cancer

So many treatments for the three types of skin cancer are available. Those treatments are different depend on the penetration depth, the location, the size, and type of the skin cancer also depend on the general health and the age of the skin cancer patient. If surgical procedure needed, the physician usually will use local anesthetic that will reduce the discomfort and pain to minimal. Usually, the physician will use curette or scalpel (ring shaped and sharp instrument) in surgery to remove the tumor.

That visible tumor will be removed with an extremely thin tissue layer around the tumor. When a patient waits, the layer will be sectioned then frozen, and stained then mapped in the detail and then being checked under microscope thoroughly. When physician finds out that the cancer stays in peripheries or depths, he or she will repeat the procedure on that area until last layer that is viewed under microscope is free from cancer. This surgery is one of greatest skin cancer treatments.

skin cancer treatment you can do

Another treatment that is used to treat the patients of skin cancer is the X-ray. The X-ray beams will be directed at tumor without the need of any anesthesia or cutting. To destroy the tumor, the physician will need to repeat the treatments several times every week for at least a week to four weeks. In some cases, the physician needs to repeat the treatments everyday for a month. Unfortunately, this technique is not providing the precise control not only in identifying but also in removing the cancer cells.

This technique may involve the long term radiation risks and cosmetic problems. So this treatment for skin cancer is not the main option for the patients of skin cancer. This treatment is suggested for patients of skin cancer who cannot remove the tumors surgically. People who have poor health and elderly are not suggested to remove the tumors surgically, for those people this treatment is available. But if you’re not an elderly and your health condition is great, you must pick the surgery treatment.

And if the skin cancer grows on your scalp or face, there is another skin care treatment available, it is known as PDT. Your physician will apply chemical agent, which is able to react to the light, like the MAL (methyl animolevulinate) or 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic) to the patients of skin cancer. Abnormal cells in the body of skin cancer patients will take up the chemical agent that is applied by the physician. Then in few hours, the medicated areas will be activated by very strong light.

This treatment for skin cancer will selectively destroy the squamous cell skin cancer while causing very minimal damage in the normal tissue around the skin cancer. This treatment may be cool treatment for squamous cell skin cancer, but this treatment isn’t approved by FDA. Even though this treatment may look effective with noninvasive and early tumors like Bowen’s disease, this treatment is not the most recommended treatment. PDT will give some side effects to the patients of skin cancer.

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Some side effects that are caused by PDT treatment to the patients of skin cancer are including swelling and redness. After the treatment, skin cancer patients may be locally photosensitive up to forty eight hours after the agent of light sensitizing was applied. The patients of skin cancer disease will be suggested to avoid both indoor light and outdoor light also to be careful in using the sun protection. If this PDT treatment is recommended, then why did they create this treatment for skin cancer?

Even though PDT treatment is not highly recommended, there is a reason why this treatment was created. The physician will use this PDT treatment when the physician has tried the other treatments but are failed in treating the skin cancer. Yet, risks of pigment loss and scaring that are caused by the other treatments are less than the risks that are caused by this PDT treatment. Since PDT treatment for skin cancer patients are high, make sure you add this treatment to the end of your treatment list.

Those are the entire treatments for skin cancer patients we can share. Each physician will recommend different treatments for their skin cancer patients. It is good that you look for some information about the best treatment for skin cancer patients from the internet but there is no better way to face your skin cancer and remove this disease than visiting your physician and get advices about what you should do and about the most appropriate skin cancer treatment that helps you extend your lifespan.

All You Must Do to Prevent the Deadly Skin Cancer from Attacking You

Many types of skin cancer can be prevented. You just need to protect your body and your life in order to prevent any type of skin cancer from attacking your beautiful body. We have several tips and guides that will help you prevent this terrible and deadly disease from destroying your life. You must follow our guides and instructions below and follow everything your physician said so that there is no chance for the skin cancer to touch your body and to shorten your life. So, here are the preventions.

First thing to do to prevent the skin cancer is avoiding sunlight during the daytime. Exposing your body under the sun will trigger skin cancer that can be worse. So many people who live in the North America must hide their body from the sunrays between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon since the rays of sun are the strongest in that time. Make sure you do your outdoor activities not during the midday. Even if the sky looks cloudy and it is winter, the sunrays can harm your skin and your life.

skin cancer prevention that can protects your skin

Do you know that your body will absorb the ultra violet radiation every time along the year? The clouds may be able to cover the sun but those clouds offer only little protection from the damaging sunrays. So the best way to prevent the skin cancer is avoiding sunrays. Avoiding sunrays will help you avoiding suntans and sunburns. Both of them are able to increase the risk of skin cancer and cause the skin damage. The sun exposure that is accumulated will also causes the skin cancer.

Wearing sunscreen is another skin cancer prevention you can do to be free from any skin cancer. Always wear your sunscreen along the year. Sunscreen will not filter out the entire ultra violet radiation that is dangerous especially radiation that is able to cause melanoma, the deadly skin cancer type. However, sunscreen will play an important role in protecting your skin and your body from the sun flawlessly. Do you know what kind of sunscreen you must buy and apply on your beautiful skin?

Choose and use sunscreen that has broad spectrum and SPF. Some sunscreens come in some different options of SPF. Choose one that the SPF is at least 15 or more. Then apply your sunscreen on your skin generously. You also need to reapply the sunscreen every 120 minutes. If you will swim or if you perspire oftentimes you must reapply your sunscreen more often. We understand that the price of sunscreen may not so cheap, but you must be really generous in applying your sunscreen to your skin.

Be generous when applying your sunscreen especially on the skin that are exposed under the sun such as your backs, your neck, your hands, your ears, your legs, and many more body parts exposed under the sun. If possible, apply the sunscreen to the other body parts that are not exposed to sun like your back. If you can find the best sunscreen and be generous in applying the sunscreen to all parts of your skin, either exposed or unexposed, you will be protected from the danger of skin cancer.

Protective clothing is the next thing you can use to project your skin and your body from the dangerous skin cancer. Sunscreens may be cool but they will not provide excellent protection from the ultra violet rays from the sunlight. So consider covering your skin using tightly woven in dark colored clothing that will protect your legs and arms also the broad brimmed hat that offer more protection compared to visor or baseball cap. You can get protective clothing that protects your skin very easily today.

Several companies are not only providing protective clothing but are also offering photo protective clothing that is excellent to cover your beautiful skin and chase away the skin cancer. See a dermatologist who will give you the best recommendation about the best brand of photo protective clothing that is really effective to remove any chance of skin cancer to attack your skin. Never forget your sunglasses. Find sunglasses that are able to block UVB rays and UVA rays.

Tanning beds are the first thing you must avoid if you want to be free from skin cancer. The tanning beds usually are completed with lights that emit the ultra violet rays that will increase the skin cancer risk. Stay away from the tanning beds and skin cancer will stay away from you. Next guide to be free from skin cancer is being aware of the medications that are sun sensitizing. Many drugs and prescription like the antibiotics will make the skin becomes more sensitive to the sunlight.

Before you buy those medications you need to ask your pharmacist or doctor about many medications and side effects that will be given by those medications. If those medications will increase the customers’ sensitivity to the sunlight, you need to take the extra precautions in order to stay away from the sun so that your skin will be protected from cancer and any other problems that attack skin. The last guide below will help you anticipate any sign of skin cancer.

You must check your own skin periodically and then report any change occurs on your body to a doctor. Check if something grows on your skin like new moles. And if you already had moles since you were young, make sure those moles, birthmarks, bumps, and freckles are not changing.

Use mirrors that will help you check the scalp, ears, neck, face, back, and the other parts of your body. Make sure that your trunk, your chest, your hands’ and arms’ undersides and tops. Use the mirrors to check your feet’s and legs’ back and front including spaces between toes and the soles. You must get undress so you can check your buttocks and genital areas at once.



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