Some Surprising Facts about Sinus Pressure Headache Symptoms

Sinus pressure headache symptoms can be worse if you don’t take early treatments. If it happens, you need to surgery in order to remove the polyps or open up the swollen sinuses

Are you familiar with sinus pressure headache? If not yet, you need to know it. It includes sinus pressure headache symptoms. The sinuses you have are filled with air spaces that are placed in your cheekbones, forehead.

It is also behind the nose’s bridge of yours. When those sinuses get inflamed, they will swell and they will make more and more mucus. It is usually caused by allergic reaction. The channels it has will drain the sinus more than get blocked.

The build-up of the pressure in the sinuses can cause a pain which feels similar to headache. You might want to know the facts about sinus including sinusitis headache symptoms and how to relieve sinus pressure headache. Here are some facts about sinus.

Sinuses can have inflammation. It might decrease that mucus’ ability to drain and it can increase the pressure inside the sinuses. It leads to what so called as sinus headache. The common causes of the inflammation can be allergies, colds, or infections.

The symptoms of sinuses can be feeling pain in the face which may feel worse with straining or bending down. The pain will radiate to cheek, forehead and temple. There is also runny nose feeling. Also, there is post nasal drip. Other symptom is persistent cough.

Related to the symptoms, when you have headache pressure on your sinus, you will feel like there is deep as well as constant pain of your forehead, cheekbones, and in the nose’s bridge. The pain often gets stronger when you are moving your own head in sudden or it strains. In the same time, you may have other sinus signs of symptoms like:

  • Feeling kind of fullness in the ears
  • Runny nose
  • Swelling in the face
  • Fever
  • Cold

Other kinds of the recurring headaches such as tension headaches and migraine are very often mistaken for the sinus headache case. It is because the treatment that you need. And it will be depending on what kinds of the headache that you have.

It is very necessary to figure out of the symptoms or signs that are caused by the sinuses you have. If your sinus has been blocked, like infection, and if the cause is like that way, you will have fever. Usually, the doctor you are seeing will decide the kind of symptoms you are experiencing. Also, it is possible to have MRI or CT scan.

After talking about the symptoms, you need to understand about sinus pressure headache relief. It means that you need a treatment. And the goal of every treatment is to relieve symptoms you have and to treat them properly. What you can do are:

  • Taking antibiotics, decongestants, and antihistamines. Take them for short time.
  • Using inhaled nasal decongestants. Take it for 3 days only. Longer taking can only cause your signs get worse.
  • Taking pain relievers. If they can’t help, you might see your doctor.

Simply take one of these treatments and hope you will get better soon, fellows!

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