Facts about Safflower Oil Weight Loss to Change Your View Ever!

safflower oil for weight loss can be beneficial for losing weight although it is not directly related. It only the poor research that shows this oil can reduce the weight directly

You may have been familiar with safflower oil weight loss but not many of you know the facts whether it does work or not. Well, since overweight and obesity become a serious problem in U.S, the magical solution is always attractive. However, we need to know about the fact of the solution.

Sometimes, it doesn’t like what we hear since research is not well conducted to support the data as well as the fact about the solution. In this case, we need to know more about safflower oil CLA weight loss reviews.

What to Know About Safflower Oil for Weight Loss

1. Not Enough Research

One of must-know things about this oil for weight loss is about the data. All weight loss products whether it is natural or not, research must be well conducted and the result is positive to support the data. However, it is not for safflower oil weight loss where the research is not enough conducted.

The reason about this oil to lose weight is only based on a single small study where it is not good to say this oil works generally. Single study is not enough to make sure this oil does work. Therefore, based on the safflower oil and weight loss facts, if you take this oil in your diet then you can lose some pounds, it doesn’t mean taking this oil in all your meals and regularly will give you impressive result.

Since the study about safflower oil weight loss is less, it cannot be concluded in that way. This oil may work to help lose some pounds but it cannot be said that this oil can be a single solution to lose weight since the data or study to support it is not enough.

2. Research Findings

This weight loss program is not supported by enough data. But, it doesn’t mean this oil cannot give positive result. A study in 2009 shows that for those who added this oil to their diet might not lose weight but this oil reduced their trunk fat as well as increasing the lean body mass. This can be a good news since you also follow certain diet program including doing exercise in routine. So, accompanying this oil with the healthy diet and exercise can be a good idea.

3. Calorie Content

Safflower oil weight loss may not relate directly. This oil is not considered as a low calorie food. So, eating much can hinder the weight loss process. It is advised to take only 1 tbsp. of safflower oil where it contains 120 calories. This amount is about on par with any other fats and oils, but sure it is more significantly than most foods to take to lose weight. Just for a comparison, 1 cup raw spinach has 7 calories and 1 cup celery has 16 calories.

4. Potential Benefits

You have known about safflower oil weight loss. This oil still has some benefits. It is good for the blood glucose levels where it is important for diabetic person. It is good for the heart health. A study in 2011 shows that ingesting 8 gr of safflower everyday can improve the blood sugar as well as increase the high density lipoprotein cholesterol healthily. It reduces the inflammation. This oil then can lower the risk of heart disease.

5. Recommended Portions

It is recommended to take safflower oil weight loss by the right amount. Just like other plant based oil, to take this oil daily, it depends on the weight loss calorie requirement you need. So, each person may have different amount in taking this oil in their diet.

For example, if a woman eats 1,200 calories to shed their pounds, then she needs 4 tsp. or 17 grams of this oil. A man with 1,600 calories to lose weight plan then needs 5 tsp. or 22 grams for daily consumption.

Here are other benefits of taking this safflower oil:

  • Lower the cholesterol levels
  • aid in weight loss
  • manage blood sugar
  • reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • improve hair health
  • improve the immune system
  • control muscle contractions
  • boost skin health

So, how to take safflower oil for weight loss? It is by adding this oil to your health diet. For the amount, it depends on the calories you need for losing your weight just like has been said before. You can read more facts about safflower oil weight loss to know more. Ask your professional trainer or nutritionist.

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