Heavenly Tasty Protein Shakes without Protein Powder Recipes


protein shakes without protein powder should be tasty and healthy. Here are 4 examples of homemade shakes to try. The ingredients are easy to find and they are easy to makeOne of the most essential parts of human’s healthy diet is protein. Luckily, it is easy to find in any natural foods. You need to note that the daily needs of protein are between 50 and 175 grams. The need depends on some factors, including the diet, exercise and body type you have. Sometimes, you might need to have more protein intake, but in the same time, you avoid having protein powder. Therefore, you need to make these protein shakes without protein powder. Use all these natural ingredients!


Green Protein Shake

What you need to make this first protein shakes without protein powder recipe include red grapefruit juice (1/2 c), kale (1 c), large apple (1), chopped cucumber (1 c), chopped celery (1/2 c), hemp hearts (4 tbsp), frozen mango (1/4 c), fresh mint leaves (1/8 c), coconut oil (1/2 tbsp), and ice cubes (3-4).

How to make natural protein shake, green protein shake is simple. It only needs these 5 simple steps. First, you need to make the grapefruit juice first. Cut one grapefruit in half. Squeeze into a blender. If it is difficult to find grapefruit or you simply prefer orange to grapefruit, you can replace it with orange juice. Then, chop up the fruits and vegetables. Clean the fruits and vegetables by washing them and removing the seeds, cores and stems. Chop the celery, cucumber, apple and kale and squeeze into a blender.

Third, add the remaining ingredients, including the frozen mango that will help the consistency of this shake. Alternatively, you can also use fresh mango and ice cubes. Then, blend them on high until you find the shake smooth. Finally, serve your healthy protein shakes without protein powder that contains protein (17 g), fiber (12 g), and rich Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron.


Bean Protein Shake

You will need only 5 ingredients to make these protein shakes without protein powder, bean proteins shake. The ingredients include almond milk (1 c), black beans (1/2 c), hemp seeds (2 tbsp), banana (1) and cocoa powder (1 tbsp).

It is easy to make one of recommended homemade protein shakes without protein powder recipes. You should be careful in the preparation process. Prepare the black beans. You can either use the canned beans and simple take ½ cup or use the dry beans and cook and drain them. Cook them with a crock pot. The second step, after adding black beans in the blender, is peeling and chopping the banana. Use one ripe banana. Remove its peel and slice the banana into small discs before adding them in the blender.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend them on high. Make sure that the blend is smooth. Then, it is ready to enjoy. This shake contains protein (17 g). But if you substitute the almond milk for 1 percent milk, you can have protein (24 gram).


Nut Protein Shake

These ingredients, soymilk (1 c), peanut or almond butter (2 tbsp), and chia seeds (1 tbsp) are needed to make your protein shakes without protein powder, nut protein shake.

In addition to the simple ingredients, the steps to make this homemade protein shake for weight gain are also practical enough. First, pour all the ingredients in blender. If you use peanut butter, make sure that it is the natural one to eliminate excess sugar. For sweeter taste, you can add agave (1 tbsp), cocoa powder (1 tbsp) or banana (1). Not only do these additional ingredients improve the taste, they also improve the protein intake. Blend them on high and serve.

This healthy protein shakes without protein powder consists of protein (18 g), but with the additional ingredients, it offers protein up to 20 g.


Tofu Protein Shake

Prepare the ingredients first before making the protein shakes without protein powder, tofu protein shake. They include silken tofu (1/2 c), vanilla soy milk (1 c), frozen banana (1), and peanut butter (1/2 tbsp).

It is also easy to make this shake. First, remove the peel of the banana and slice the banana into tiny discs to that they will be more easily to blend. Pour them in blender. Add the remaining ingredients and blend them on high. It takes about 1 minute or until smooth. Serve this healthy protein shakes without protein powder with protein (17 g), and some Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

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