Do Protein Shakes Make You Fat? Surprising Answer You Must Read

Do protein shakes make you fat is a classic question that is asked by lots of people who want to get muscle or lose their weight. Here is the complete explanation of it.

What do you think about protein shakes for breakfast? Do you think this protein shake is able to help you live healthier life? Do protein shakes make you fat or slim? Many people are asking the same questions. What is the truth about protein shakes? Do protein shakes work and how do they work? If your protein shakes have some ingredients that add more calories to the diet menu you have, the protein shakes will give you extra weight. Why do people confuse about the benefits of protein shakes?

There is only one reason. The marketers said their protein shake products are able to help people reduce their weights and are great supplements to gain muscle. But people heard the rumor that protein shakes are able to make them fatter. That’s why people are asking do protein shakes make you fat or slim. If you drink protein shakes occasionally, the protein shakes will not give you extra weight. But if you drink the protein shakes oftentimes, you will get extra calories that give you extra weight.

Do Protein Shakes Make You Lose Weight or Gain Weight?

The weight gain is caused by net calories surplus. We need to consume specific amount of calories and then burn the calories so we can get energy. If we consume extra calories consistently and our body cannot burn those calories, we will get weight gain as the result either you consume the protein shake or not. So, do protein shakes make you fat? Yes, if you consume them too many times because all shakes, including the protein shakes are not free from calorie. Protein shakes are able to cause fat gain.

Even though protein shakes are made from protein as the main ingredient, the protein shakes are able to give us extra weight. So, if you have a goal in consuming protein shakes or smoothies and that goal is maintaining steady weight, you must manage your diet. Add protein shakes to your diet menu but consume fewer calories so you won’t get extra weight. Or you can do more exercise so you don’t have to ask do protein shakes make you fat since the exercise will balance the calories of your shakes.

Another way to figure out the answer of do protein shakes make you fat is checking the nutrition facts of protein shake products you will or used to consume. You will understand the effect that may be given by the products of protein shakes to your weight by evaluating protein shakes’ nutrition facts. There is no regulation about how many proteins must be added to protein shake. But usually, protein shake products that have a scoop of the whey protein powder come with 150 calories also 16 grams protein.

Do protein shakes make you fat? Actually, instead of giving us fat, protein shakes are able to give us muscle. There is a myth said that we need to consume extra protein so we can get muscle. Yes, that is just a myth. Many people in America were attracted with the myth above then they consume too many proteins that their body needs to consume every day. If you’re an adult and your weight is about 150 pounds, you only need to consume 75 grams protein every day. Do not consume more than that.

Do Protein Drink Make You Fat or Slim or Athletic?

But if you’re an athlete and you want to gain more muscle mass, also your body’s weight is 150 pound; you must get 135 grams protein every day. That additional protein, about 60 grams, will help you to get muscle mass if only you do strength training exercises regularly. Do protein shakes make you fat even though you’re an athlete? Yes they do if you consume shakes that contain extra protein but you don’t do any exercises. So balance the consumption of the protein shakes with regular exercises.

Because you have read the answer for your do protein shakes make you fat question above and you’re not sure, you just need to talk to registered dietitian or to your doctor. Usually, consuming protein from the natural foods is healthier than consuming protein shakes. Try to eat tofu, legumes, seeds, nuts, beans, eggs, fish, or poultry.

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