Place to Trust for Emergency Service: Why NYU Dental Clinic?

NYU Dental Clinic for emergency service can be reached through emergency service or urgent care as well

Who doesn’t know about NYU Dental Clinic? Talking about NYU Dental Clinic review, there have been so many reviews saying that this is one of the best dental clinics ever in New York. It is actually a part of NYU College of Density that is located at 345 E. 24th Street. It is in the corner of First Avenue in Manhattan city. Sometimes you need an emergency service where you have urgent problem. And regarding your problem, this dental clinic has provided you with NYU Dental Clinic dental emergency.

Urgent Care or Emergency Services

Usually, there is NYU Dental Clinic appointment, but for an emergency service like excessive bleeding, broken or loose restoration or fillings, oral infection or and trauma, and swelling, you do not have to make NYU Dental Clinic appointment. Patients that require some urgent service or care should directly visit Suite 207. It is located on the 2nd floor of the building named Schwartz. This building is located at 345 East 24th Street. It is on the corner of the Avenue.

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NYU Dental Care always tries to do so many efforts in making all of the patients present for the urgent call with timely manner. Nevertheless, due to unpredictability of nature of emergency or urgent care, some patients might not be treated in the College Dentistry. They will be referred to their affiliate for treatment in Bellevue Hospital. The Bellevue Hospital Center is placed at 426 First Avenue, New York.

Fees for Emergency Service

Related to the NYU Dental Clinic cost, patients with emergency calls, service or urgent care will be assed with $75. The fee will cover for all of NYU Dental Clinic limited examination and also applicable radiographs. There are also some procedures like what is called as Palliative Procedure that is used to relieve the patients from their pain. However, if you choose this kind of procedures, you will be charged with more fees. Do you think it is worth? Yes, of course.

Operation Hours for Emergency Services

You need to know the NYU Dental Clinic operation service for emergency service or urgent calls such as the time and the days. Though it is emergency service, but you need to understand that they have work time operations. For emergency service and urgent care, they will be available in NYU College of Dentistry in these hours:

  1. Monday-Thursday: you can contact them around 8.30 AM to 7 PM
  2. Friday: 8.30 AM to 3 PM
  3. Saturday and Monday: 9 AM to 4 PM. It is also for some weekends as well as holidays

During all of those times, the patients with broken or loose restorations or filling, swelling, excessive bleeding, oral infection and trauma injuries will be given the treatment in the nearest hospital that has emergency room. The closest emergency room for NYU College of Dentistry is of course the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room. In NYU Dental Clinic, there will be some academic dental center.

So, the NYU College of Dentistry will follow the academic calendar. And this is important for you since it will be closed on several federal holidays and also in the key academic dates. It is like when there is Graduation. So, please check the academic calendar for more information.

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There are some other services from NYU Dental Clinic, they are general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implant dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, special needs program, and prosthodontics. There is also patient advocate like all of the patients will be entitled to fulfill all of the requirements such as:

  1. Patients of NYU Dental Clinic understand and they can use the rights.
  2. They will receive the treatments without some kind of discriminations of any race, gender, religion, and nation.
  3. They will receive emergency care and urgent care if they need it.
  4. They will have consideration and respectful care in very safe and clean environment.
  5. They will have and get complete information about the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
  6. In NYU Dental Clinic, the patients will receive treatment with standard profession.
  7. The patients will get information like the risk, the benefits, as well as the fee before treatment.
  8. The patient can refuse the treatment and they can be told what kind of effect may appear for their health.
  9. The patient will be respected with their privacy during their treatment in the hospital.




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