Physician Weight Loss Programs: General Introduction and Guide

Physician weight loss is consisted of six different programs for both online and in-center options. Each program is approved by physician and designed by dietitian for healthy you

The Physician weight loss is one of the weight loss programs you will find many people recommend to you. Many find the Physician weight loss programs are easy to follow and proven to work for women and men.

Years and years of research and experience are the key to perfect Physician weight loss program, which is comprised of 6 different programs that are created to fit any kind of lifestyle.

What makes the Physician weight loss center and weight loss programs different? Here are some reasons behind it.

  1. They are approved by physician.

In all of the centers, there is a consulting physician to do both pre- and post-diet physicals. They will help clients to ensure their safety and wellbeing, as well as making sure that each pound is shed healthily.

  1. They are designed by dietitians.

Licensed dietitians are to design each diet program and make sure that clients, from the weight loss program they are taking, will have the proper amounts of carbs, protein, fiver, fat, minerals, and essential vitamins the body needs.

  1. They are designed with an individual approach.

With 6 different programs clients can choose from, a strategy is needed to meet their particular goals and needs. Whether the clients prefer to achieve moderate weight loss or quick weight loss, retrain the body with whole foods or focus on burning the fats, there is a program that will fit each unique goals and needs.

  1. The products are proprietary and private label.

Many of the products are made to meet the programs established by the Physician Weight Loss Centers. There is a lot of research involved during the development process to make sure that the nutrient-packed, appetite-suppressing, and fat burning products taste good.

In general, there are two types of general weight loss programs offered: Online Programs and In-Center Programs and Services. Each of them offers six different weight loss programs.

Online Weight Loss Programs

The online weight loss and nutrition programs are created specifically to help clients start losing inches and pounds right away. Online application is required and will be reviewed by medical director to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the weight loss programs.

In-Center Programs & Services

All of the in-center programs have the pre- and post-physical examination performed by a licensed physician. Each center also provides services through nurses and counselors to monitor you throughout the weight loss program. Every plan to lose weight is licensed-dietitian designed to make sure the proper nutrition intake.

The Six Programs

  1. VLCD 700 (In-Center) and VLCD 800 (Online)

Adapted from the original ketogenic diet, this program is for aggressive weight loss to prevent hunger and provide high energy.

  1. Thermogenic LCD 1000

The weight loss is achieved through dietary thermogenesis, utilizing a special choice of foods that effectively burn fat and suppress appetite.

  1. Physicians FAST MRP

Incorporating low-carbs and high-protein meal replacements, this program helps control portion and calorie through appetite-suppressing and fat-burning ingredients.

  1. Low Fat High Energy 900

A program designed to provide high energy and low in fat through a nutritionally balanced diet.

  1. Low Fat High Energy 1000

The low-fat, low-cal diet is for an effective, steady weight loss with flexibility in planning for meals for a little more meal option.

  1. Low Fat High Energy 1500

A wide array of meal varieties are incorporated through a nutritionally-balanced diet, designed to fit a physically active lifestyle.

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