Pain in Back of Head: Could It Be an Early Sign of Stroke?

Do you often experience pain in back of head? This is not something you can neglect as it may trigger serious disease. Find out whether it leads to serious health problem or not

Pain in back of head can be a normal condition when it is temporary. It can be caused by tiredness or other unserious causes. Home remedies can be applied when it only temporal pain. Sometimes, when it is about pain in back of head and neck, it can be caused by muscle strain. Headache with high severe level may occur more frequently. This kind of headache then needs a medication. A doctor may do some tests including x-rays even blood tests to know what causes of the pain of the back of your head.

Common Causes

There are several common causes of pain in back of head. You can learn these causes and find the right medication either home remedies or medical treatment from a doctor. The causes are:

  1. Cervicogenic Headache

This is kind of pain in back of your head that is characterized as a secondary headache. This headache is caused by problems at neck. When the spinal joints that are located in the neck are irritated, it can result the pain. It can be caused by muscle strain. Other factors that may contribute are stress, cervical abnormalities, and bad posture.

  1. Tension Headache

This kind of pain in back of head affects the muscle as the head and neck tighten. The cause of this headache can be a stress. Neurotransmitters with fluctuating levels can contribute. You may have sensation of tightness and feel a dull or squeezing pain in your head. Other factors are poor posture, fatigue, sleep deprivation, anxiety and teeth grinding.

  1. Cluster Headache

This pain in back of head is experienced by 26 in 652 cases in which 10{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of those who experience cluster headache also experience neck pain. For an acute attack of this pain, it is suggested to take Sumatriptan and Oxygen while Verapamil is considered as the best drug for prevention.

  1. Migraine

This can be a pain in back of head left side or right side. This kind of headache is more common experienced by women. It results from anxiety, luck of sleep, stress and fatigue. During the migraine attack, you may feel a pain like pulsating pain in your head. Sometimes, the pain also experienced in your back including neck. This can be a severe pain in back of head as it can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light.

  1. Sinus headache

Infection and inflammation of the sinuses may result pain in back of head. It is by sphenoid sinuses that are located deep right within the skull that becomes inflamed. The pain then occurs. The pain may increase as the affected person bends forward.

  1. Occipital Neuralgia

To occipital nerves that are damaged can lead to occipital neuralgia where it then causes pain in your back of head. The causes of the damaged occipital nerves can be spinal column compression, infection, tumor even neck injury. Painkillers, steroids and also nerve block injection can be common drugs to reduce the pain. Message therapy can be helpful.

What You Need to Do

Surely, you need to get the right pain in back of head treatment with medical care from a doctor. Well, home remedies may help if the pain in back of head is just occasional. But, you need to see a doctor immediately if you the pain:

  • Occurs all time
  • Severe level of pain where this kind of headache can be an early sign of serious condition like stroke, meningitis and encephalitis.
  • Severe headache that is accompanied with high fever, numbness, stiff neck, and confusion as well as fainting. Even if you have experience one of them, you need to go to the nearest emergency room.

You need to understand that pain in back of head can be an easy headache as home remedies may work, especially for the occasional headache. If the headache happens for often times and you cannot do anything as the pain is severe, call a doctor immediately to know the cause and the right medical treatment to do.

The chance is, when the headache is not rightly cared while it can be an early sign of serious condition like stroke, it can be fatal. Don’t underestimate the headache if the pain is severe.

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