Incredible Facts and Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

peanut butter nutrition benefits

It is safe to say that peanut butter is one of the most delicious foods in the planet. Unfortunately, it is not the healthiest, even the natural one. If you pay attention to natural peanut butter nutrition facts, you will find out that this delicious food is pretty high in calorie.

However it is still much better than regular peanut butter and it actually has some amazing health benefits. So, if you want to spread peanut butter on your bread, it is best if you choose the natural one. If you want to know more about natural peanut butter, here is some information that you might find useful.

What is Natural Peanut Butter

Now, the question is, what is peanut butter and what’s the difference between the regular one we usually eat? The difference lies in the ingredients. Natural peanut butter contains eighty to ninety percent peanuts and a little bit of salt. It is also frequently called sugar free peanut butter.

In the other hand, regular peanut butter is mixed with additional sugar, salt and some oils. From this ingredient we can clearly see that natural peanut butter is much healthier since it is only made of peanuts and salt.

Nutrition Facts Comparison between Natural and Regular Peanut Butter

To prove that natural peanut butter is healthier than the regular one, it is best if we compare the regular and natural peanut butter nutrition facts. The nutrition facts below are a comparison between the natural and creamy version of one of the most popular regular and natural peanut butter brands in the market.

  1. Natural Peanut Butter (1 table spoon)

Calories       : 190 g (144 from fat)
Fat            : 16 g
Sodium         : 3 mg
Carbohydrates  : 6 g
Dietary Fiber  : 2 g
Sugar          : 3 g
Protein        : 8 g

  1. Regular Peanut Butter

Calories       : 190 9 (155 from fat)
Fat            : 17 g
Sodium         : 150 mg
Carbohydrates  : 7 g
Dietary Fiber  : 2 g
Sugar          : 3 g
Protein        : 7 g

From the comparison above, it is clear that there are some slight differences between the two peanut butters. Natural peanut butter is healthier because it contains very low sodium and it contains higher protein since it uses more peanuts.

High sodium level is very dangerous for patients with cardiovascular problems, diabetes and hypertension. If you suffer from those diseases or you have high risks of suffering those diseases, it is best if you choose natural peanut butter. But control your consumption since the calorie is pretty high.

Health Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter

From the natural peanut butter nutrition facts we learned above, we can see that it contains good amount of protein. It increases satiety so you can feel full longer. Peanut is high in potassium and potassium can lower the sodium level in our body.

Even though it is high in calorie, but it also contains other good nutrients like fiber, fat and protein. This is a good breakfast menu that will make you energize all day long. To control your calorie intake, it is best if you take the peanut butter with whole grain bread.


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