Genius Guides to Lose Weight and Build a Beautiful Body Shape

Time to start that diet

Time to start that diet

Lots of men and women around the world have different reasons to go to gym or follow specific diet plan in order to reduce some of their weight and get more ideal body shape. Some women for example, want to reduce their weight long day before their wedding day so they can wear the prettiest mermaid wedding gown in their biggest and most special day. No matter what your reason in reducing your weight, you need to know our secrets to lose weight safely and quickly.

Formulas to Lose Your Weight Quickly and Safely

So many women who are following diet plan find some troubles like the diet plan takes too many days. If your wedding day or anniversary is coming really fast, and the time you have to lose your weight is limited, you absolutely need our formulas about losing your weight truly quickly but healthily. Our first formula is watching your fluids. Green tea is the most suggested drink for people who want to reduce their weight. How to lose weight fast with green tea? Let us see how green tea works.

So, a study about green tea’s effect shows that people who drink green tea are able to burn up to seventy additional calories just in a period of 24 hours. How big is these seventy calories? Seventy calories you get in one day will add fats up to 7.3 pounds in one year. This is called science. Inside the green tea there are antioxidants that enhance our metabolism, the antioxidants called catechins that bur those extra calories and help you reduce your weight. Add green tea to your daily menu.

Do not consume calories in glass. Today, scientists understand that our body will not register the liquid calories as our body registers solid calories. When you drink calories like the grande caffe mocha you will not feel satiated like when you eat a bowl that’s full of pasta. This means even though your grande caffe mocha contains more calories compared to your pasta, you will feel you need another cup of coffee to satisfy you. That’s why you need to control your consumption of wine, coffee drinks, soda, and juice.

how to lose weight fast for getting ideal body

If you take one of the beverages above and consume it during daytime, the extra calories you will get by the nighttime will be 800 and can be more. Even though those calories are already inside your body, you will still feel hungry. Another way you must do if you really want to lose weight really quickly but healthily is start lifting. But five pounds weights for your workout, this will be a great investment and you won’t regret your decision to spend your money for the weights. Why do we need weights?

We do need the five pounds weight since the strength training will build the lean muscle tissue that will burn extra calories while we’re at work and while we’re at rest, every time. If you have extra lean muscles, you will be slimmer quickly. How will you start your strength training? First of all you need to try some lunges or squats or push-ups. And use free weights in order to perform the simple triceps or biceps curls in your office or home. Repeat the exercises about three or four times each week.

Lose some salt will also help you to lose weight. Sodium will contribute to the water retention and this make you feel and look bloated. Are you used to consume lots of salt? We’re suggested to consume sodium less than 2,400 milligrams every day. This is about a teaspoon every day. Sadly, many of us are used to consume up to 4,800 milligrams each day. Monitor the intake of your sodium. Be careful with the sodium contained by drinks, canned foods, and soups also salty snacks like pretzels and chips.

Adding more spicy ingredients to your diet plan is the next formula that will guide you to lose weight. An expert said that consuming hot peppers is able to boost the basal metabolism of the eater. The basal metabolism is total calories that will be burned by our body at rest. Why should we consume hot peppers? Cayenne peppers and jalapeno peppers contain capsaicin that is a compound that may increase the release of the stress hormones in our body. Then what is the next effect to our body?

Some stress hormones that will be released by our body are including the adrenaline. When the adrenaline and other stress hormones are released by our body, the process will speed up our body’s metabolism also our ability in burn calories. Moreover, consuming hot peppers will reduce our appetite and help us to curb our cravings. That’s why we need to spice up our stir fried vegetables and consume low calorie salsa or chili by adding them to our baked potatoes and salads.

Watch Your Calorie Intake and Lose Your Weight Faster

To keep your body looks slim, ideal, and beautiful; you need to control your calorie consumption. You should not consume more calories than the amount your body can burn every day. Ask yourself, how many calories should I eat to lose weight? Average women must eat around 2000 calories every day in order to maintain their weight. If a woman wants to lose her weight about one pound every week she must consume only 1500 calories every day. Average men must consume 2500 calories.

But a man is suggested to consume around 2000 calories everyday in order to lose his weight about one pound each week. The numbers above are just the average. The calories you must consume everyday depend on some different factors including your metabolic health, activity levels, your current weight and height, your age, and many more factors. Do you know what the calories are? If you know nothing about the calories, how will you know how many calories you must get every day?

Calorie is unit that will measure energy. Usually, calorie is used in order to measure energy that is contained by beverages and foods. If you really want to lose your weight you must eat fewer calories compared to the amounts of your body can burn every day. How do you know precisely how many calories you can consume every day? So many calorie counters are available. Some of them allow you to count your calories online so you don’t have to download the program software.

If you just figured out that you are used to consume too many calories and you really want to reduce your calorie consumption, you need to be careful since calories are considered as energy measure. You must know that people who want to gain some weights must get more calories and enter the calories to their body. So, if you want to lose some weights, make sure more calories are not entering your body but leaving your body. Be really careful so that you will get enough calories without being starving.

We have some tips that are written in order to help everyone reduce their weight. By following these tips you’ll be able to control the consumption of calories and you will be able to lose your weight safely and quickly. So, here are the entire tips we’d like you to know.

Consume More Protein

Consuming more protein will give you some benefits. First benefit is reducing your appetite, the second one is cut the cravings by up to sixty percents, and the third is increasing amount of the calories your body will burn. You need to consume more proteins since protein is very rich of nutrients that are needed by your body. It is very simple and effective to add protein to diet plan. Protein is also a delicious way you can opt for to lose your weight with very minimal effort.

Stay Away from Sugary Beverages

Some sugary beverages like fruit juices and soft drinks must be out of your diet plan. Liquid calories that come from fruit juices, sofas, chocolate milk, also the other beverages that contain sugar must be eliminated from your menus. Those beverages and the calories inside those beverages are most fattening element. Our brain will not register liquid calories in same way as our brain can register the solid calories. Sugary beverages will also increase obesity risk so avoid those beverages.

Drink Much More Water

Your weight loss program will be more successful if you add more water into your diet plan. When you drink much more water, your body will burn more calories. Drinking two liters or about eight glasses or sixty eight ounces of water every day will make your body burn up to 96 calories and more every day. If you can drink much more water you will lose your appetite and hunger so you will not eat more calories. This process will help you reduce your weight very easily and instantly.

Do Lift Weights and Exercises

If possible you can go to gym and then consider several exercises of body weight like sit ups, squats, push-ups, and so on. Or, opt for some cardio such as swimming, jogging, or walking. Cardio actually is not so helpful for our weight loss project, but cardio is really good for our general wellbeing and optimal health. Sure exercises will not only help you to lose your weight but will also give you some other benefits like expanding your life, lowering the risk of getting disease, and make you better.

Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption

Your lose weight project will be more successful when you reduce carbohydrate consumption that is including sugars and refined carbohydrates also the other carbohydrates. Cutting the consumption of carbohydrate is the most effective way that will help you losing your weight. When cutting the consumption of carbohydrate, your appetite will go down so you will automatically consume fewer calories. If you can cut the consumption of carbohydrate, your weight will be gone very quickly.

Keys to Reduce Weight Just in One Week

If the time you have before your wedding day is just a week and you still need to lose weight, we have very special formulas about how to lose weight in a week. You should not try any diet plan that will instantly reduce your weight before consulting it to your doctor. But we have some guides, not diet plans that will guide you to lose your weight very quickly but healthily so your wedding dress will fit your body seven days from now and you will feel more confidence when you walk down the aisle.

Cut Out Both Sugar and Salt

Belly bloat can be so bothering. If you want to remove your belly bloat and change the shape of your body simply and instantly, you need to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt. Consuming too many sugars and salts will make your strong core being covered by fat layer and water layer. Make your belly looks more adorable by cutting the consumption of salt up to 1,500 milligrams every day also cutting down the consumption of sugar up to 20 grams every day. You’ll be slimmer and chic.

Keep Clean Your Diet Plan

When you want to shape your body safely but quickly, you must consume whole and fresh foods. Choose ingredients that are natural and clean. Those foods will reduce your weight and will satisfy you with their delicious taste. How to keep clean your diet plan? The main way is you need to spend more time to prepare and to cook some recipes that will support your own needs. Try kale salad, this salad contains lots of nutrients also some detoxifying ingredients.

Keep Your Fridge Clear

Open you fridge and check everything you have put and stored inside your fridge. You must not buy and put any charcuterie, ice cream, or cheese inside your fridge. Everything outside your house will show you everything you want and everything you can store inside your fridge. You must stay away from those foods. Do not let those beverages and foods impress you. When you buy something tempting like ice cream or cheese you should finish it immediately and don’t put it in the fridge.

Opt For Foods That Fight Fats

Get some healthy but yummy foods and drinks that will fuel your beloved body. One of those healthy but yummy foods is the smoothie that will help you get flatten your belly and also boost your body metabolism. Magazines and internets are great sources for healthy recipes for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snacks you can try to make your own nutritious foods. Make or find foods that contain nutrients that are able to fight the fat.

Hit Your Bed Routinely

It is very essential to not being late to hit your own bed. We must tell you that sleeping is really precious. If you really want to feel and look best, you must gain enough comfortable sleep. Sleep is an activity that will reset your own body and then make immune system in your body stays strong. At least you must sleep about seven hours every night. This routine sleep will energize you and make you feel like you’re in your best condition and you’re ready to start your life when you awake.

Be Braver and Say No!

You live between your family and your best friends. We know sometimes your friends may help you but sometimes they may want to do everything they can do in order to make you leave your own healthy path. You must remember that your friends cannot give you healthier life. So say no to whatever they want you to do. Stay focus on your diet plan and you’ll lose your weight easily. At first saying no is so hard. But if you used to say no, your friends won’t bother anymore.

Brilliant Lose Weight Ideas to Lose Your Weight at Home

best ideas of lose weight easily and quickly

That’s the entire guides that help you to lose weight quickly and easily, even in just a week. Another key to help you lose your weight very instantly is working out. Gym is an excellent location for anyone who wants to work out and shape their body. What if you don’t want to go to the nearest gym? Then we just need to work out at home. There are lots of things we can do at home in order to reduce our fats and losing your weight. We would like to recommend some exercises you better try at home.

V Shaped Inverted Pipe Exercise

Just make sure you try this exercise for at least thirty seconds. This exercised is excellent mat exercise that requires you to lie down on your floor while facing downwards. Now you must place all your toes on towel that will help your body’s smooth movement. Now position both of your hands on ground then balance the body on toes and on hands. You must pull both of your legs really close to body and make the shape of inverted V. Then push your legs from hands by stretching your legs backward.

Lifts Exercise W Leg

This lifts exercise W leg also requires you to spend at least thirty seconds. Lifts exercise W leg will work both your abs and legs. You must prepare your mat first then lie down on that mat but now facing upwards. Then place your leg really close to another leg and then lift your legs straight up then bring your legs to tummy. Now put both legs down and at the same time you stretch your legs out in opposite directions then bring your legs up again to tummy. Repeat the same steps for at least thirty seconds.

Superman Exercise

Do the superman exercise also for thirty seconds. If you really want to reduce your tummy, superman exercise may be the best option. This exercise will work your lower back, abs, and thighs. Lie down on your mat with your body face the mat. Then stretch your body on ground by straightening your legs and hands. You must lift your thighs and chest at same time while balancing your body on your tummy. Make sure you keep your body straight and repeat the steps for thirty seconds.

The Exercise of Jump Squats

Jump squats are the next answer for your answer, how to lose weight at home without going to the gym. Jump squat is an exercise that is considered cardio exercise and is designed to lose our weight. This exercise usually is included in assorted fitness regimen. This exercise will help in toning our thighs also working out our whole body. If you do jump squat regularly, you will be able to reduce your weight and make your thighs become slimmer. You’ll also feel fresher after repeating jump squat every day.

Knee Kick and Push Up Exercise

Another best way to lose weight is push up exercise that takes less space. Push up exercise will work the whole body. This exercise is also excellent to lose the fats on our arms especially on the upper arms. Men especially must do proper push up exercises. About women, they are allowed to start with the knee push up exercises. To do this knee push up exercise, a woman must lie down on ground and start their knee push up exercises then repeat the special push up for women for at least thirty seconds.

Skater Hops Exercise

Skater hops exercise is the other best exercise to lose weight. Skater hops exercise is effective to speed up your heart rate. This exercise is also excellent in working your quadriceps also adductors along hamstrings, calves, and abductors. This exercise requires no equipment but will help you toning your lower body also correcting imbalance strength in your legs. You must do this exercise for one minute and repeat this exercise every day to get better result in losing your weight and getting ideal body.

Healthy Ingredients to Reach Ideal Body Shape

best healthy foods to get ideal body

We already talked about unhealthy beverages and foods that are able to increase our weight like sodas, fruit juices, salts, sugars, and others. Now it is time for us to introduce some foods that help you lose weight. The foods we’re talking here are healthy, delicious, and will help us to be successful in our diet. Remember that we must count every calorie we can consume so that we will not consume too much calories and increase our weight instead of losing our weight. Be careful in consuming healthy foods.

Many healthy foods to lose weight are able to make you feel fuller for longer. Those healthy and yummy foods will also help you curb cravings. Some foods may also able to kick up metabolism. So make sure you read this list very carefully and add these healthy foods to your own list then bring the list to the supermarket when you’re shopping foods and groceries. So now, let us start showing you the entire foods you can buy after you count your own calories.


Beans are versatile, filling, and inexpensive ingredients you must add to your list. Beans contain lots of protein and high fiber. Beans are not hard to digest. This means after consuming beans you will feel fuller for longer. Because beans are able to make you feel fuller for longer, beans are able to stop your appetite and prevent you from consuming more foods and beverages. As result, you will reduce your weight instantly and safely. Add beans to your main course or to your soups.


Soup is another important food you need to add to your list if you really want to lose weight. Get soup and consume it when you start your meal. This soup you eat before you eat anything else will make you eat less food. All soups that are based on broth either pureed soup or chunky soup are good. Keep your soup to about 100 calories or 150 calories per serving. Do not add butter and cream to your soup since those elements will increase the calories of your soup and it is not good for your health and weight.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the best snack and most favorite snack of many girls. It is hard not to eat chocolate between the meals. If you really love chocolate and you cannot live without chocolate, you need to pick dark chocolate instead of milky chocolate or the other types of chocolate. In a study, the lovers of chocolate who enjoyed dark chocolate instead of other chocolate ate up less pizza compared to the lovers of chocolate who enjoyed milk chocolate. So replace any milk chocolate with the dark one now.

Pureed Vegetables

You must add healthy vegetables into your favorite dish so you will be able to lose weight successfully without starving. Some pureed vegetables you can add to your macaroni and cheese are including pureed zucchini and pureed cauliflower. The taste of your macaroni and cheese will be more impressive but you will consume about 200 or 350 less calorie. Find the other healthy vegetables and add them to your favorite dishes to make them more delicious and healthier at the same time.

Dark chocolate is not the only snack you can get. Another snack that is healthy and safe for your lose weight diet is nuts. Prepare pecans, walnuts, peanuts, or almonds and eat them at your snack time. A research shows us that nuts have great power. Nuts will be able to make us eat less when the next meal time comes. Always bring nuts and eat them at your snack times instead of consuming chips and fast foods like pizzas or burgers.


Instead of drinking apple juice also consuming applesauce, consider eating crunchy apple. The whole apple fruit will blunt appetite that applesauce and apple fruit juice cannot do. Among so many reasons, the most important reason why apple fruit if much better than applesauce and apple juice is that apple fruit contains more fiber than the sauce and the juice. Chewing apple will also send signals directly to our bran that say we are eating something substantial.


All fruits are excellent. But for diabetics who want to lose weight grapefruit is the best fruit ever. A study said when some obese people lost 3½ pounds of their weight after consuming half grapefruit right before every meal for twelve weeks. Drinking the grapefruit juice will also give the same result. However, the grapefruit juice is not containing the fat burning properties that help people to feel full.

Losing weight is not easy at all. Many things can bother us and fail our mission to lose weight. We need very strong motivation to lose weight. There are some strong motivations that will help everyone lose weight and be successful in getting ideal and beautiful body shape. First motivation is setting one or more realistic diet goals. You must set your diet goals that are realistic before you start your diet plan. Make sure that your goals are more realistic than losing more than thirty pounds in one month.

If your diet goal is not realistic, you won’t be motivated to reach your diet goal since you know you will never reach that goal. So make sure you focus on health then create eating strategies that are sensible instead of sticking with the diet. Set small and attainable benchmarks. For example, try losing five pounds as your diet goal or add a dress size as your diet goal. This makes you feel more confidence to keep going and be successful in getting beautiful body shape.

You must not be perfectionist or you will never reach your diet goals. Being a perfectionist will destroy your dream. You will be disappointed even though you have lost some weight but you think you can lose more. Remember to be realistic and be patience then you’ll figure out your body is already so pretty.

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