Is Almond Milk Good for Diabetics? Time to Know the Facts

Is almond milk good for diabetics? The materials contained in almond are relatively beneficial for the diabetics. In this case, almond contains healthy fat which is suitable to the diabetics

Is almond milk good for diabetics? Before you answer that specific question, you need find the answer “Is almond milk good for you?” Almond is small in size, but this kind of nut contains high nutrition. Almond is a good source for several vitamins and mineral including vitamin E and ferromanganese. This kind of nut also becomes the source of protein, fiber, calcium, riboflavin, and many more. Thus, many people are curious on whether the abundant benefits of almond can match for diabetics.

Can Diabetics Drink Almond Milk?

Besides almond is beneficial for most people, almond is also an alternative for diabetics. There are many almond recipes and beverages such as almond milk which the diabetics can consume. According to the research, almond is capable of reducing the growing rate of glucose and insulin after you eat. This finding which is published on Metabolism, the consumption 2 ounce of almonds is associated with the low rate in insulin and glucose.

2 ounce almond which contains 340 calories leads people to allocate those calories so that there is no additional calorie to consume. On the other study which is published in Journal of American College of Nutrition, there in an evidence that to consume almond can assist in increasing the insulin sensitivity to those who are diagnosed pre diabetes. There are also some other facts of consuming almond.

  1. Almond and magnesium

Almond contains rich magnesium and an experimental study shows that the consumption on magnesium can lower the risk of people to suffer from diabetes type 2. On the latest results, the researchers find that the high glucose rate can lead to the loss of magnesium in urine. Thus, the diabetics can experience the higher risk of magnesium deficiency.

  1. Almond and heart

Almond can reduce the risk of heart and the death for the whole. It is important to the diabetics since according to World Heart Federation, people with diabetes lay on the higher risk to suffer from heart disease. On the other hand, almond is rich in saturated fat.

Bean is good to utilize as snack contains high calorie. However, it is exceptional suppose you only consume it from 1 to 2 ounce per day so that it will not increase your weight. Besides nuts also contain healthy fat, you can also enjoy the delicate taste in various recipes.

In implementing the successful treatment for diabetics, you need to consider the type of fat in your consumption. Here there are some healthy fat which you should know. Thus, you can still have various options for your consumption pattern. In addition, the healthy fats which contain in coconut milk diabetes in example are crucial to know.

Almond milk contains various materials which are beneficial for your health. Several materials such as magnesium, riboflavin, fiber, and many more should be the key factor to decide whether you should consume the almond milk or not. In fact, for diabetics, the almond milk is capable of being the alternative which can substitute the consumption which contains risky material.

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