How to Stop Heartburn While Pregnant Using Easy Methods

How to stop heartburn while pregnant? There easy methods you can use including sleeping smart, eliminating trigger foods, eating less, and other easy methods

Knowing how to stop heartburn while pregnant is important for pregnant women since heartburn has potentials to be dangerous. If you are a woman and you are pregnant, you can try some methods to stop the heartburn that causes you to suffer. The methods you can use are not difficult-to-execute methods. In fact, they are easy-to-execute methods. Here are the methods in question.

1. Stopping Heartburn by Eating Less

If you really wish you knew how to stop heartburn, you should know overeating can exacerbate heartburn. That is why eating less is one of the best methods of stopping heartburn while pregnant. When you get pregnant, your stomach gets less room to expand and this is one of the solid reasons why eating less can actually help you stop heartburn. Try eating six small meals with not more than one and a half cups of food in each meal.

2. Eliminating Trigger Foods to Stop Heartburn

To find out how to stop heartburn, you should find out about which foods intensify the heartburn you get. Label those foods as trigger foods. After you find which foods intensify your torturing heartburn, you can eliminate those foods from your diet. Foods that usually trigger heartburn include fried or greasy foods, citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes, spicy foods, and more.

3. Stopping Heartburn by Focusing on Fluids

Try consuming liquid foods if you want to know how to stop heartburn. Consuming such foods is among the effective ways of stopping heartburn during pregnancy. Such foods have less potential to cause heartburn or other problems than solid foods do. The reason is possibly because they can move through your stomach faster. The foods include yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, soups, puddings, and protein shakes.

4. Stopping Heartburn by Sleeping Smart

For you who want to know how to stop heartburn, there is a very interestingly vital thing you should note. It is the importance of sleeping smart. Sleeping smart helps you stop heartburn. Make sure you do not eat any foods for three hours, at the very least, before bedtime. After that, elevate your bed’s head by placing some books or other items under the legs and sleep not on your right side but the left side.

5. Consuming Tums to Stop Heartburn

If you wish you had the knowledge on how to stop heartburn, you might need to add this trick to your notes. The trick is consuming Tums or other antacids which contain calcium such as Rolaids. This trick is among the very effective ones when it comes to stopping heartburn when pregnant. However, do not consume too much Tums because it is never a good thing to consume too much of anything.

What to Avoid When Trying to Stop Heartburn

There are products you should avoid if you want to stop heartburn. Those products are antacids which list aluminum as their ingredient. The reason to avoid the products is because the products can actually cause constipation. Scarily, they can be toxic when taken in a large dose. Note that if you want to find out about how to stop heartburn.

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