How to Make Your Hair Thicker and Longer? Satisfy Your Curiosity

How to make your hair thicker and longer safely and naturally is by using natural treatment. Besides safe and natural, those above ways are very easy to be applied at home

Have you ever wondered how to make your hair thicker and longer? Well, actually as the time goes by, your hair will lose because of your age. But, there are some ways to make your hair get thicker and longer with natural ways. Why natural ways? Because sometimes people get afraid of chemical products that look promising to make their hair thicker and longer, but actually the chemical products are dangerous.

Here are some tips to get your hair thicker. The first way is to use avocado. It can be as well used to get your hair thicker since avocado moisturizes your hair. Avocado contents vitamin E which has function to make overall of your hair get shaft. You can make a mash made of avocado, one tsp of the olive oil and 1 mashed banana. After that, massage it in your scalp. Leave its mixture on the hair of yours for more or less 30 minutes.

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The function of leaving it for more or less 30 minutes is that it makes the nutrients can be absorbed by your scalp. And the next step is rinsing it out. Shampooing is the last step. The next thing to grow your hair thicker and longer with natural way is by using eggs. Yes, eggs. No. eggs have protein and that regular protein treatment is needed by your hair. It is very essential for enjoying thicker and stronger hair.

One way to use eggs to make your hair thicker and longer naturally is taking 1 or 2 eggs. The choice whether you need 1 or 2 depends on your hair’s length. Then, beat the eggs properly. After that, apply the eggs on your wet hair. Allow them to sit there for more or less 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can wash the hair using shampoo and lukewarm. You can use eggs for regular treatment once or twice a week to get proper regular protein treatment.

The next way to make your hair get thicker and longer in natural way is using olive oil. Just like avocado, olive oil is needed to make your hair thicker and longer as it adds body to your hair. Additional function from olive oil is to soften as well as strengthen the hair of yours. How to use this olive oil for your hair? It is simple.

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How to naturally make your hair thicker is by using some ways. The first way is massaging your hair and also your scalp with the warm olive oil. After that, leave it on the scalp of yours for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, women apply this for more or less 45 minutes. It is okay. If you want to have better result, 45 minutes is okay. The next step is rinsing it out very thoroughly. And, wash your hair with mild shampoo. If you want, you can leave the olive oil on your scalp overnight. The next morning, shampoo it.

So, how do you think of those tips in making your hair thicker and longer? It is easy, right?




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