How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast in 1 Day with 5 Unexpected Ways

how to lower blood pressure fast? Try those unexpected ways to reduce the level of the blood pressure in faster time without getting some side effects just like medications

How to lower blood pressure fast? You will find 5 unexpected ways but effective to lower the blood very fast even in one day you can see the result. High blood pressure can be the result of unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking, smoking and binge eating. Reducing blood pressure has many benefits. One of them is preventing us from several dangerous diseases that are associated with:

  • kidney failure
  • cognitive decline
  • aneurysm
  • stroke
  • heart attack

How to lower blood pressure fast emergency? Well, the common treatment to deal with high blood pressure is by taking medication. But medication can cause some side effects like insomnia, leg cramps and dizziness. Therefore, it is good idea to take non-drugs treatments since there are several effective ways you can do without side effects. An expert starts the treatments of how to lower blood pressure fast by taking anti-inflammatory diet, do several activities in the day and try to get relaxed.

Try the following tips of how to lower blood pressure fast home remedies;

1. Just breathe

It is as simple as it sounds. You need to know that breathing can be one of the most effective ways you may not expect but it works. So, how to lower blood pressure fast? You can try to get relaxed by doing slow breathing and meditative practice like yoga. Lowering stress can be a very effective way to lower the blood pressure. Slow and deep breathe can help ease the stress hormone. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly as you feel the breath. It can help.

2. Soak up the sun

You may know that sunny days are good for our mood. They also keep the blood pressure in check. So, how to lower blood pressure fast? Expose to sunlight. A study shows that exposure to the sunlight can reduce the level of the nitric oxide both in blood and skin. As the result, it will lower the blood pressure. When you expose to the sunlight, then the nitric oxide, in the small amount is transported from your skin to the circulation that lower the blood vessel tone.

3. Brisk walk

Try a brisk walk to lower your blood pressure. Enjoy your nice and sunny day by going a brisk walk or other aerobic physical activity. Try this activity per day for about 30 minutes. Brisk walk is believed to decrease the systolic blood pressure even by 4 to 9 points. Just doing it 10 minutes a day, it can influence a big difference. Remember, isometric exercise is considered bed when the blood pressure is not controlled. Instead, try walking, cycling, running or swimming.

4. Drink tea

Well, consuming food to lower blood pressure can give a good impact to lower the blood. Besides that, if you ask how to lower blood pressure fast, then you will find drinking tea for about 4 cups per day works very well in reducing the blood pressure. It is proven by a study that shows avoiding coffee then drink tea together can reduce the blood pressure, heart rate and pulse pressure.

5. Listen to music

How to lower blood pressure fast? Listen to the favorite songs. It will not only improve the good mood but also can lower the blood pressure. It is proven by a study that shows the blood pressure of musicians that is lower than those who are not musicians. It is because the somatosensory nerve activity that gives benefits to the autonomic nervous system. So, if you are not a musician, then just try to your favorite music or song especially for classical music.

Those are some activities that will work effectively in reducing the blood pressure even in a day of trying. The point of all questions about how to lower blood pressure fast is actually taking a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet, avoid coffee, caffeine, alcohol and cigarette then try to do activities that can make you feel relaxed. When you do these all, then you can see the blood pressure will reduce significantly.

You can also ask a therapist to do some activities regarding to find the best idea of how to lower blood pressure fast. Asking a doctor is a good idea, too, whether you want to take medication or non-medication treatment to lower the blood pressure. Asking a help from an expert can be very effective treatment.


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