How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start? Could It Be Severe?

knowing more detail about morning sickness start

How soon does morning sickness start? Each pregnant woman may have different times when the morning sickness start. Before talking about how soon do pregnancy symptoms start, it is good to know about morning sickness itself. Morning sickness is not getting sick in the morning as it is only one from 25 pregnant women who gets sick in the morning. It is actually a vomiting or nausea that occurs as the sign of pregnancy. So, the pregnant woman may feel queasy when she wakes up in the morning.

So, how soon does morning sickness start? It can be in the first weeks after the conception. The nausea itself can strike at any time. It can be night or day. So, it is not only in the morning. Well, although the early signs of pregnancy can be tested with a doctor, morning sickness can be one of the early signs that pregnant woman needs to know. At least, she knows what the signs of the morning sickness where it can be said as the sign of pregnancy. It is a good sign that a woman must be happy with.

Each woman has different answer for the same question; how soon does morning sickness start since each of them may have different level of the hormonal changes in their body. Morning sickness is the change of the hormone in the body. The change then makes pregnant women feel queasy. For those who expect twins or triplets, they may have higher level of the morning sickness since the hormone change is more than a single pregnancy. However, you should not need to worry about it.

However, not all pregnant women may experience morning sickness. If you have known the answer that how soon does morning sickness start is about in the first, second, three or four weeks of the pregnancy and you don’t feel anything during those weeks, you may not experience of the morning sickness. So, it is advised whether pregnant woman experience morning sickness or not to take a test from a doctor. How soon can I take a pregnancy test? If you feel there is a hormonal change in your body.

Nausea with Vomiting or Not

How soon does morning sickness start? It can be answered from the day where you feel nausea with or without vomiting after you miss your period. Morning sick can strike at any time both day and night. Nausea is the most common symptom of pregnancy in the early weeks. It can be with vomiting or not. For the cause of the nausea, it is not clear yet. But, pregnancy hormone has the role to make the stomach feel queasy. Either the stomach is empty or not, nausea may strike any time.

Nausea can be caused by smelling something. Pregnant woman may smell something that is little bit disturbing and causing nausea. For example, before the pregnancy, she will feel OK to smell an apple but after a pregnancy, smelling an apple can cause nausea. This can be a clue to know the time of how soon does morning sickness start. If you feel something disturbing with your smell at the early weeks where it will lead to nausea whether it is with vomiting or not, then morning sickness has struck you.

Could Morning Sickness Be Severe?

Yes, when you have feel and know how soon does morning sickness start but it strikes you with vomiting often and you feel very sick, then it can be the severe form of the morning sick. It is called with HG or hyperemesis gravidarum. It means a pregnant woman has an excessive vomiting. For those who cannot drink or eat without being sick as well as vomiting for several times in a day, they can have HG. HG will cause dehydration. It is advised to ask your doctor.

So, how soon does morning sickness start? It can be in early weeks. Then, what you need to do to avoid morning sickness? Take a rest and avoid things that have disturbing smell where it can lead to feel nausea. Small exercise like walking around in your backyard, feel relaxed and be free from stress can be a good idea to do to avoid morning sickness. However, it is good idea to ask a doctor while you can check your pregnancy’s health.

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