How Much Water Should I Drink While Pregnant? Check the Facts

How much water should I drink while pregnant? This question is commonly thrown by pregnant mother. In fact, the answer may vary but 13 glasses can be taken as an average

Being pregnant is not that easy to cope. People will face so many troubles and challenges, especially when it is the first time. People keep asking, “How much water should I drink while pregnant?” that is the most common and the most frequent questions that are performed by women when they are pregnant.

It is because many women will have more feelings of thirst. In fact, it is necessary to keep hydrated during pregnancy. If they are not drinking quiet frequently, it will be dangerous. It can be dangerous for both the mother and baby. That is why many doctors always give such suggestion to keep drinking while women are in pregnancy.

The Good Things about Sufficient Drinking

Can you imagine how such vitamins or proteins or any kind of important stuff can be delivered to your fetus? Do you wonder about that? You should! It is necessary to know that the most important thing should be consumed by a pregnant woman is water. Water keeps your body always healthy.

Whether you are in pregnancy or not, drinking water will always keep your body healthy and also it will keep your mind always focused. Even if you are not pregnant, consuming sufficient water is recommended to support the metabolism of your body.

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When you are pregnant, all the nutrition that you consume will be delivered to your fetus. It is not all actually but most of them. It is because the most important thing that should be taken care of is your baby.

If you want to keep your baby always healthy, then you need to always care about what you consume on daily meal. And it is a must to always notice about how much the water that you have already consumed during a day. But be remembered that you need to not drinking too much water during pregnancy. The key is to be sufficient.

Recommendation for Daily Drinking Water for Pregnant Women

How many water bottles should a pregnant woman drink? If you are not pregnant, you are recommended to take about 6-8 glasses of water each day. While you are pregnant, it means that you have another living thing inside your body. Surely, you need more water than usual.

Let’s say, you can choose between 12 to 13 glasses with the 8-ounces each glass. That is what many researchers suggest for the minimum amount of water that should be consumed by a pregnant woman. Yet, it also depends on your activity and body needs of water intake.

It is fully understood that having that amount of drink is quite difficult for certain people. Gradually increasing your portion will be effective to deal with the sufficient and ideal amount of water intake. Keep them coming regularly and steadily. Actually, it is not only water that should be consumed. Another fluid can also be good for the variations. Make sure yourself that drinking hot water during pregnancy is not recommended. Lukewarm water or one in normal temperature is much better for you and your baby.


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