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Have you ever imagined eating an egg every day? How much cholesterol per day in an egg? Well, egg is one nutrient that among the other food on the earth, it has most nutrients. Can you imagine that an egg contains all of the nutrients that are needed to turn one single cell to a baby chicken wholly? Nevertheless, some people think that egg is not a good idea when you think of how much cholesterol per day you can get from an egg? It is because the yolks are very high in cholesterol.

Real Fact About Egg: Have You Known?

When people are talking about how much cholesterol in an egg, they must say that it is very high. However, in fact, one single medium sized egg can contain cholesterol more or less 186 mg. it means that that number is very recommended at least 62{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of daily intake. A lot of people think that if they eat cholesterol, it will raise cholesterol in their blood and it will contribute as well to heart disease.

But, in the matter of how much cholesterol per day you can get from an egg and how it relates to the blood increase and heart disease, it is not all true. It is not that too simple. The more people eat food with cholesterol, the less their body produces instead? How come? How it works?

Egg and Cholesterol, How Do They Relate?

There have been so many studies that look at an egg consumption and the heart disease’s risk. This kind of studies has been observed in some years and the studies are followed by large groups of people. Then the research uses some statistical method like whether certain habits are linked to increased or decreased risk of the heart disease.

The habits are like smoking, diet, and exercise. And, the result has shown that people who eat eggs are no more likely to have or to increase the risk of heart disease. Even, some studies show that people who eat egg reduce the risk of the stroke. So, how much cholesterol per day in an egg results on the increase of cholesterol without increasing blood pressure. That’s why it does not relate to the heart disease.

Diabetics Can’t Eat Egg Too Much

Egg and cholesterol might not have relation to the heart disease. So, people will not likely have high cholesterol and heart disease after consuming egg, but for people who are suffering from diabetes, they can’t eat egg too much since they will be in the increased risk of heart disease. So, it can be concluded that people who eat quite often don’t have possibility in heart disease, but they can be in any increased risk of diabetics.

Eggs Benefits for Health

How many mg of cholesterol per day? It’s been mentioned that at least you need 186 mg cholesterol per day. And, how much cholesterol per day in an egg results in a good benefit. Nevertheless, some people still question why eggs are good? Here are some key facts that eggs, as said before, provide you not only cholesterol but also so many other nutrients. Maybe you will not believe, but these reasons below have been proven by some reliable studies. They are:

  1. Eggs are high in the quality animal protein. Of course, besides answering the question how much cholesterol per day in an egg will result, the eggs also have high animal protein results. And you know that animal protein is very beneficial like increasing muscle mass as well as increasing better bone health.
  2. The second reason why eggs are good consumption is that eggs doesn’t only provide you with some mg of cholesterol per day, they also increase satiety.
  3. After knowing how much cholesterol per day in an egg that will result, eggs help you as well to lose fat.
  4. The next reason is that eggs are high in Zeaxanthine and Lutein antioxidants. They are antioxidants that reduce the risk of eye disease such as Cataracts and Mascular Degenerations.
  5. The last reason why eggs are better consumption is that they are high, even so high, in Choline. What is Choline? It is a brain nutrient which is over 90{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the people, they lack of it.

So, what do you think? Have that explanation answer your questions and doubt on how much cholesterol per day in an egg and why eggs are good to be the consumption for you in daily life?

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