How Many Protein Shakes a Day? Different Answers for Different Purposes

Do you know how many protein shakes a day your body needs to consume? It depends on your purpose in consuming protein shakes. But, here is the complete explanation about it

Is this the first time you try consuming protein shakes? If so, you definitely need our guide about consuming the protein shakes for beginner and how many protein shakes a day you must consume. It is very important to understand how many times you can consume the protein shakes since consuming too many protein shakes every day will give you extra calories that will make you fat if your body cannot burn the calories. Besides, you must know the best times to consume the protein shakes every day.

If it is consumed properly, protein shakes will be great supplement. The best time to consume protein shakes is before your workout time. About thirty minutes before the workout starts, you must finish your protein shake and the protein shake will work more effectively. If after consuming protein shake you don’t start the workout until several hours, you will not get the real benefit. So, about how many protein shakes a day, it can be several times but the best time is before starting the workout session.

Also, it is important not to consume protein shake that is purely based on protein. Shakes that have very low carbohydrate and very high protein will not help you get all the benefits of the shake. Besides understanding how many protein shakes a day, you must also understand that lack of carbohydrate will give you extra risk of the muscle damage. That’s why you must make and consume shakes that are made from ingredients that contain not only protein but also carbohydrate and other health elements.

How Many Protein Shakes a Day for a Woman for Muscle Accretion

Nowadays, women are also interested to get more muscle mass for some reasons like self protection and other reasons. If you’re a woman and are interested to get muscle mass, you should keep in your mind that your protein shake cannot do the entire work for your body. If you want to maximize your muscle accretion, workout is the main key and the protein shakes will do the rest. Use your shake just to get primed and pumped. So, how many protein shakes a day? Not as many as your workout sessions.

The other best time to consume protein shakes is after the workout session. After the workout sessions, consuming protein shake will help. One more time, consume protein shake that has some carbohydrate. The carbohydrate will catalyze the insulin spike inside your body. And this will speed nutrients’ movement into muscle tissue in our body. How many protein shakes a day? At least two times, one before you start your workout session and one after you finish your workout session. Is that enough?

How Many Protein Shakes a Day to Gain Muscle and Build Body

You’ve read that two servings are the answer for how many protein shakes a day we need to gain muscle. For the two times consuming protein shakes before and after workout session, we need to be careful in choosing the ingredients to make protein shakes. Protein shakes that contain whey protein in high proportion are the best choice since our body can digest these protein shakes quickly. These protein shakes will also work directly on our muscles. So prepare protein shakes with high whey protein.

About how many protein shakes a day, are two times – before and after workout session – enough? It is not. Consume another protein shake and do it before you go to bed. About one hour before you go to sleep, get one protein shake and consume it. That last protein shake will help you sleep more comfortably. In this time, choose shake that is based on casein that will work through our body extremely slowly. It is a perfect choice since your muscle need stimulant and this shake is cool stimulant.

How many protein shakes a day to build muscle with regular workout? Three servings of protein shakes are enough: before workout, after workout, and before bedtime. How many protein shakes a day if you don’t want to build your muscle? One time is enough. Just make homemade protein shake and consume it during your breakfast and you’ll get enough protein for your whole day. You can also get another one before you sleep.

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