Must Read: How Long Does It Take for Cancer to Spread in the Body?

how long does it take for cancer to spread? The answer is different for each type of cancer and the area where it grows. It can be weeks, months and even in long years

How long does it take for cancer to spread? If you ask this question to a doctor, you will find a fact that there is no doctor can answer in details. But they can give you an explanation about how cancers grow.

That is because different type of cancer has different time for the cancer to spread or get detected. Other factors such as the area or location of the cancer in the body also take a part in speeding up or slowing the time. This is what you need to understand first.

1. How Cancers Can Be Detected

Well, that is a tough question. If you have known how cancer can spread where it starts from the diseased cells that affect other cells so the cells will reproduce without control, then you may know that there are some reasons that make the time of cancer detected differently.

These factors include type of cancer, area of the cancer and certain symptoms. It needs more clinical test before diagnosing someone is suffering from cancer.

2. Types and Areas of Cancers

Types and areas of the cancer have different time to progress. For example, when the cancers are easy to see or find just like they are on the surface such as skin cancer or when the cancer is felt such as a lump in breast, it can be detected soon. But, other types of cancers are not like them.

Sometimes, the cancers have no signs at all. It is like you may not find a tumor at all until you see it is too late. The cancers such as ovarian cancer or other types of brain tumor are also called as ‘silent killers’.

It means they don’t cause any symptoms that can be seen or felt. This is why general checkup including routine blood test is required. That is because most people recognize they have cancers because they check their health or blood although they check for another reason.

3. Certain Symptoms

For example, there is a patient want to get X-Ray check as she has broken her nose. Then, when she is being checked, there is a small bone cancer right in her jaw. Some of patients also find the cancer after find some symptoms. Then, when they checked their health condition, they find that they have cancer. So, how fast does cancer grow? The answer is depending on the types and areas of cancer. The symptoms include unexpected weight loss, bad headaches, fatigue, and bloody cough.

4. How Fast Cancer Grow

So, you have known that cancers can be detected from the symptoms although they are not the most since most people find cancer after a health checkup or blood test. Then, if you have a question about how fast, it just like has been stated before that different types and areas of cancer may have strong influence.

It can be weeks, months and years. Even, a cancer can be only detected after 10 years. This is why getting healthy checkup and blood test is important.

Make a visit regularly with your doctor to check the blood and health in routine. This step is very important to detect the cancer in the very early time. If the cancer is detected in the early time, then the right treatment can be applied soon right after it is known. This can be better than being late in knowing.

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