Extraordinary Dry Scalp Treatment Idea for Healthier and Prettier Hair

Here are the three best and most dry scalp treatments you must try

There is nothing better than natural formulas to treat our skin and hair, especially scalp. Scalp needs special treatment especially if it is dry. Sadly, our scalp can turn dry anytime around the year. But in many cases, the scalp turns dry during the winter months. The dry scalp usually is characterized by powdery, white, and loose flakes. One of dry scalp causes is our sebaceous glands that are dehydrated. This dehydration usually is caused by extreme climates. We definitely need natural dry scalp treatment.

The first natural dry scalp treatment is drinking more water since the dehydration of sebaceous glands can be caused of lack of water in our body or because of the skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. By drinking lots of water we will send enough water to our skin and scalp and keep them fresh. If our skin and scalp are fresh and get enough water, they won’t be dehydrated and they won’t dry. What are the other natural dry scalp home remedies that are effective to solve the dry scalp problem?

Natural Dry Flaky Scalp Treatment Ideas for Fresher Scalp

  • Natural Oils

During winter seasons, some people figure out that their scalp becomes drier compared to the other times in spring, autumn, and summer. The first natural dry scalp treatment is using the natural oils to care for our hair and scalp. Coconut oil and olive oil are two best natural oils that contain anti bacterial and anti fungal formulas. Besides, both coconut oil and olive oil are able to absorb into our scalp very easily. Also, there is jojoba oil that is very similar to our hair’s natural oil or sebum.

Our hair’s natural oil that is also known as sebum will act as lubricant for our scalp and hair. This sebum, and the jojoba oil that is similar to it, is able to provide the protection that against the bacteria. The other natural oil we can use as our natural dry scalp treatment is the castor oil. All natural oils are actually great when they are sealing in the moisture that comes from water. Below are the next natural treatments for your dry scalp especially when your scalp turns dry during the cold seasons.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Rinsing your dry scalp using the apple cider vinegar natural dry scalp treatment is another excellent idea to set your scalp free from the dryness. First of all you need to provide the solution you will use to rinse your dry scalp. Mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 3 cups water in a bowl. Then pour your solution into spray bottle. Now saturate your hair first then cover your hair using plastic cap. Next, wait for about twenty to thirty minutes. Do you know the outstanding functions of the formula above?

Your very simple solution above of the water that is mixed with apple cider vinegar is able to help with lots of irritating conditions on your scalp like the dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. Your natural solution above is going to rinse your hair and scalp then clean your scalp, also remove the product buildup. Besides, that natural dry scalp treatment will add some shine to your hair while restoring your hair’s PH. When you mix that solution with the rosemary or the tea tree oil, your hair will be prettier.

  • Essential Oils

There is nothing better than essential oils to treat the scalp that is extremely sensitive and that is very dry. The owners of extremely sensitive scalp must be careful when using essential oils. They must mix the essential oils with enough water before using this natural dry scalp treatment to treat their dry hair. One of best essential oils is the peppermint oil that its PH levels that is able to balance out our scalp’s dryness while neutralizing the oil production. Peppermint oil will also provide quick relief.

Next essential oil for natural dry scalp treatment is the tea tree oil that is oftentimes added to hair conditioners and shampoos. Tea tree oil is great since it contains anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal elements. The best way to use this tea tree oil is by using it with carrier oil.

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