Does Garlic Cause Gas? Here Is the Truth about Garlic

Garlic is nice herb that gives more health to everyone. Does garlic cause gas? You must know the answer before you start consuming garlic. Here is more information about garlic

Garlic, the cousin of shallots, leeks, and onions, has some benefits and some shortages. Today, we would like to answer a question, does garlic cause gas? We would also like to talk about the benefits of garlic and the effects given by garlic. In sum, our topic today is about garlic.

First of all, we would like to tell you the benefits of garlic. Then we would like to tell you many more details about garlic. Scroll down to see the good and bad effects of garlic on our body.


Garlic and Its Benefits for Our Body

Speaking about the benefits of garlic, the first one is its ability to reduce risk of cancer, food poisoning, and heart disease. Some studies said that garlic supplements or consuming fresh garlic will reduce the cholesterol levels.

The cholesterol levels will trigger heart disease. The other studies said that some people that eat garlic regularly will have lower rates not only of prostate but also of esophageal, colon, stomach cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic. Fresh garlic is great to perfect burgers.

Fresh garlic that is added to burgers is able to protect people who consume those burgers to against some unfriendly bacteria like E. coli and other bacteria. Since garlic has awesome benefits for body, we should not eliminate garlic from our foods.

We only need to understand how does garlic work and does garlic cause gas and bloating so we can be careful when we’re going to add garlic to our foods. Now, let us show you how does garlic work in our body. Then we’ll show you how to consume garlic safely.


How Does the Garlic Work

Garlic has sulfur compounds. Sulfur compounds give the odor to garlic and also give benefits to our body. When garlic clove is crushed, the chemical reaction is started and it produces antibacterial compound called allicin that will kill stomach bugs.

The allicin and the byproducts of allicin will protect our heart. To protect our heart, allicin together with the byproducts will lower the levels of cholesterols and will thin the blood. Now, let us see how to consume fresh garlic in the right way.


Right Way to Consume Fresh Garlic

Does garlic cause gas flatulence? Many of us are curious about that. Even though garlic is able to give us lots of benefits and help us to be healthier, but it doesn’t mean we can consume too much garlic. Consuming garlic in five cloves or more everyday will cause not only flatulence, but also heartburn, nausea, and upset stomach.

So, before adding garlic to your foods, you must go see your doctor and ask him or her about how many cloves of garlic you can consume every day. Everything that is too much is always bad. So don’t eat or consume too many cloves of garlic.

Always limit the consumption of everything, especially garlic that is good for our health but will be dangerous if we consume too many cloves of garlic. Then make sure you get enough advices from your doctor before you consume more garlic.

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