Surprising Facts You Need to Know about Chronic Heartburn

chronic heartburn must be rightly treated. You need to know the causes as well as the symptoms too. Therefore, the right treatment can be performed to avoid severe level

Everything you need to know about chronic heartburn is written here. Heartburn is actually a burning pain located in your chest. It is right behind the breastbone. The pain can be worse if you are bending over or lying down. Heartburn can be considered as occasional and bad. Occasional hear burnt will not give any threatening effects but chronic or bad heartburn need a serious attention and medical treatment from a doctor. This must be well treated since it can be severe.

Chronic heartburn may have serious effects but you can avoid it by changing your lifestyle and by the right medication. Both occasional and chronic heartburn can be treated both medical and home remedies treatments. If it is too painful, then an immediate treatment from a doctor is required since it can be fatal. Remember that the symptoms may come any time. You may feel uncomfortable when the symptoms attack. So, it is important to know the symptoms, causes and treatments.

Symptoms of Chronic Heartburn

The symptoms of chronic heartburn can be concluded a painful burning pain right in your chest where it can occur usually after you eat or at night. It can also be pain which can be worse when you are bending over or lying down

So, it is the pain in your chest. If the symptoms or the pain become severe or with pressure, especially when it is combined with other symptoms and signs just like pain in jaw, arm or difficulty in breathing, then you need to go to a doctor immediately since chest pain can be a symptom of heart attack too. It is important to get the right chronic heartburn treatment before it is getting worse. The right treatment can be from a doctor or by home remedies it depends on the severity of the pain.

When to See a Doctor?

So, if you experience the chronic heartburn with the following symptoms, you need to go to a doctor immediately. The symptoms are weight loss as it is caused by a difficulty eating or poor appetite. It can also be vomiting or nausea, and difficulty in swallowing.

Causes of Chronic Heartburn

Chronic heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up right into the tube where it carries food from mouth to stomach. At the normal condition, when you swallow a food, then a band of the muscle around the bottom of the esophagus (or lower esophageal sphincter) will relax to allow the liquid and food to easily flow down to the stomach. After that, the muscle will tighten again. If the or esophagus relaxes weakens or abnormally, then the stomach acid will flow the back up into the esophagus.

This acid backup then causes heartburn. The chronic heartburn can be seen as the acid backup is worse when you are lying down or bent over. So, what causes bad heartburn? It is the acid backup. Besides that, there are several risk factors that can trigger the acid backup. You need to understand this so you will be more careful in eating or taking these triggers.

What Can Trigger Chronic Heartburn?

For some people, certain foods or drinks can have a role in causing chronic heartburn. They are including large or fatty meals, Alcohol, Coffee, Carbonated and Caffeinated beverage, Chocolate, and Peppermint. You also need to pay attention to Fatty or fried foods, Tomato products, like ketchup, Citrus products, Onions and Spicy foods. If you are overweight or pregnant women, the risk of heartburn can be higher too.

Are There Home Remedies?

You may ask about chronic heartburn natural remedies. Well, fortunately there are some home remedies that can work to treat heartburn. They are;

  • A spoonful of baking soda
  • Aloe juice
  • Chew gum
  • Chin up (and don’t lie down)
  • Get more acid
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Banana or an apple
  • Gingerroot tea
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes
  • Mustard
  • Snack on almonds
  • 1 Cup of chamomile

However, it is advised to ask your doctor first since you have really bad heartburn. If this is only about occasional heartburn, then you can take those home remedies. For chronic condition, asking your doctor becomes the right choice since the symptoms of chronic heartburn can be worse with certain home remedies especially if you have other medications.


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