Cherry Juice for Gout: Does It Really Work?

cherry juice for gout can be effective in relieving but not in curing the total pain of the inflammation. Therefore, medical or other home remedies treatments must be performed

That is one of the most frequently asked since the news of cherry juice for gout has spread. The news said that drinking cherry juice daily can help relieve the gout. Before we find the answer of does drinking cherry juice help gout, it is good to know where the story of cherry juice that works for gout comes from. Well, it was based on a small study where it uses 12 young and healthy volunteers. The conclusion is taken right after 8 hours they consumed the juice. It is even said that the volunteers have no gout.

There was a relevant study about cherry juice for gout where it takes volunteers that have a history of gout. Then there is no more study that is considered as the reason of cherry extract for gout. From this small study, it can be concluded that it is not yet researched based on the right procedures including the collected data that shows cherry juice can relieve the patient of gout. Even, it is said that the research above was performed by people who don’t have capability in the field including in collecting data.

That is why the words of cherry juice for gout are like only a myth. However, it is good idea to ask a doctor or other professional healthcare about the contents of cherry juice as well as the effects to the patient of gout after consuming the juice. Well, there are some doctors also say that cherry gout relief can be an effective nutrient to take. This can be another source to say cherry juice can work for gout. But, it still needs a further research to ensure the conclusion whether it works or not.

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Is Cherry Juice Effective Ingredient for Gout?

Taken from an online page from a doctor, it is said that cherry juice for gout can be effective since tart cherries have powerful antioxidants that are called as anthocyanins. These antioxidants are the main actor that makes the color of cherry in distinctive red. It is also said that tart cherries are considered as the one of the richest source of that antioxidant where it can help block the pro-inflammatory of COX-1 as well as COX-2. That is why if cherry can relieve gout.

Actually, cherries are traditional ingredients as they have been used by many people in the years ago to promote the normal levels of the uric acid. Cherries are also used to alleviate some pains that are associated to this condition. So, traditionally, cherry juice for gout can be very effective since cherry has important active ingredient, the antioxidants, anthocyanins. You may also try this traditional recipe to relieve the gout since cherries are safe fruits to eat by everyone. So, there will no side effect.

Still from the doctor’s page, it is said that the cherry juice for gout was taken from a study in 1950 by Dr. Ludwig W. Blau. The study was performed in Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine. Dr. Ludwig, an investigator was affected by gout. He used wheelchair to move his body. Then, he ate cherries. After that, he noticed that cherries made his gout pain as well as the swelling reduce considerably. Then, he tried to stop eating cherries then the pain returned. This can be good news to the next research.

It is like a research in 2003 with 10 healthy women as volunteers to take 280 grams cherries or 45 cherries. After five hours, their blood uric acid level then decreased while the excretions of uric acid were increased. A study in 2011 also shows positive conclusion for supporting the data of cherry juice for gout. The study then stated that the volunteers have reduced inflammatory. So, it can be concluded that this juice really works.

Well, the recent studies about cherry juice for gout are conducted to support the data of the first study where it is said that cherry juice cannot relieve the pain. It is good idea to read more other reviews including the ingredients inside cherries as well as the correlation between the ingredients and inflammation or gout. Ask your doctor if you are not sure about cherry juice. Just remember, cherry juice will only relieve the gout and not totally cure the gout in instant time.



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