What Is Cervical Lordosis? Could It Be Severe?

cervical lordosis can be disturbing and make you feel uncomfortable as the pain in the back of neck persists. It is good to try some exercises as mentioned above and take a rest for a while

You need to know what cervical lordosis first. Cervical here means cervical spine. It is C shape at back of neck. Neck has 7 cervical vertebras. Low back of neck is called with lumbar spine: it is the curves slightly inward. The inward curve that is in the spine is Lordosis. It is important to keep both of them in the right position as they will bear the head weight. Besides that, if they are not in the right position, there will be pain in the neck and other symptoms where it can be severe if it is not well treated.

So, loss of cervical lordosis can make pain as well as stiffness in your neck. It can result pain in your hand even vertigo and other symptoms. There are cervical lordosis causes but improper muscular spasm and neck posture are the main cause of this health problem. The problem can be detected by X-ray. It is advised to treat this health problem immediately to avoid further symptoms and pain. All will be discussed here from the causes to the treatments.



It has been said that the causes of cervical lordosis is poor neck posture including improper muscle spasm. This loss of cervical lordosis due to muscle spasm can occur to adult even children may also have it. Both men and women can be affected. The condition of loss of the cervical lordosis is associated with the long standing muscle or spasm in the neck area.

Here are the common causes:

  • Working long on computer or doing desk work without taking a break
  • The cervical spine is injured such as a whiplash of accident or direct trauma may contribute.
  • Osteoporosis is considered as another important factor. It is usually for old individuals.
  • Hereditary skeletal disorders and obesity also play a role in loss of cervical lordosis.


Cervical lordosis is considered as a long or ongoing gradual process. So, in the beginning of time, it may remain silent. The affected person may not see or feel any obvious symptoms. After months or years, then the he or she will have a complaint with the pain and stiffness of his or her neck. This is not a sudden phenomenon. Therefore, if you have a neck pain, you can ask a doctor to check the neck position. By using X ray, then it can be concluded whether you have the symptoms or not.

Cervical lordosis with normal condition is in 30o or 40o curve. The pain or stiffness on the neck may occur when the curve is lesser than 20o. If it is not well treated, then it can lead to the cervical disc degeneration as well as lead to the symptoms like needles and pins including tingling in fingers and hands. These symptoms may not be a direct cause of the loss of cervical lordosis but it is because of the pinched cervical nerve from the compression of the cervical certebra.


How to Treat Cervical Lordosis

This disease can be detected by X-ray. For the treatment, there are some options depending on the level of the severity. Here is the loss of cervical lordosis treatment you can try.

  • Medical treatment can be required for the stiffness and pain. It is like taking muscle relaxants and pain killers. Both of them can reduce the pain including the spasm of the muscle of neck. Besides that, they will ease the discomfort as well as increase the motion range of the neck.
  • Loss of cervical lordosis can be treated by physiotherapy exercises that aimed to strengthen the muscle of neck and improvement of its posture. Simple neck exercise can also help such as head forward and backward. Then turn the head and neck in sideways for 5 to 6 times in a day
  • For the severe case, patient may wear brace during the day time and sleep with support pillow.
  • You can also simply go to a doctor to get the right treatment after you are diagnosed.

So, it is advised to take a break a while if you are working on computer to avoid loss of cervical lordosis. Doing simple neck exercise daily can also help avoid the pain. Try the treatment above or simply ask your doctor to get the right treatment after you have done home remedies.

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