Effective Plan of Cellulite Detox Diet

Cellulite detox diet is considered to be a great and healthy solution to get rid of that cellulite problem. It involves a whole day of detox with only certain things to consume

Despite of the great debate of many people regarding cellulite, it is true that cellulite detox diet is needed in order to get rid of that particular problem. Basically people are separated into two groups in this case. One group is the group that considers cellulite is in our genes while another group is the group that think of cellulite as a result or product of our unhealthy lifestyle. Which one of them is correct?

Getting Cellulite Away

Regardless of that debate of many people today, one thing which is considerably agreed by many people is that the so-called cellulite problem is not wanted by everyone. So, nobody wants it which means that any possible way to get rid of it will be needed. One best thing to do when it comes to cellulite thing is definitely the cellulite detoxification diet. It may not be as great as those magical treatments of med-spa but still there will be good effects in doing the diet properly.

The choices to do this particular healthy cellulite diet vary a lot which may include a 7-day diet for a month, a 3-day diet for 2 weeks, or even 1 day diet for a week. Just be sure to do the diet regularly so that the results will be able to be achieved clearly. It will not be good if the diet is only done once without any following plan. The result of the first attempted diet will just be vanished for sure. So, are you ready to get rid of cellulite that you have by doing the diet?

What Is a Detox Day?

So, in order to understand the proper way of detox diet plan cellulite, you should understand about a whole day of detox. It means that you should be paying attention to things that you can consume within a day as well as the things that you may need to do in purpose of enhancing and maximizing the result or the effect of the detox diet itself

The breakdown of a detox day may look like this following list with the actual time of the day is used as the basic determiner.

  • 7am – large glass of filtered water with sliced cucumber and a dash of cayenne
  • 8am – green apple juice
  • 10am – herbal tea
  • 11am – large glass of filtered water with sliced cucumber
  • Noon – large green salad with olive oil and fresh lemon juice dressing
  • 2pm – large glass of filtered water with lemon wedge
  • 4pm – herbal tea
  • 6pm – 3 cups of mildly steamed broccoli plus quinoa and lentils
  • 8pm – chamomile tea

That is a start to do this particular diet for sure. In order to get the highest result in term of the diet, you should keep in mind to avoid those dairy products of fish, meats, gluten, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Meanwhile if you are capable of doing that, you should also add more intakes of green juices plus raw foods which are all needed for energy. Daily multivitamin may also be added to ensure sufficient intake of needed vitamins.

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