Can You Drink Wine When Your Pregnant? Get the Answer Here

can you drink wine when your pregnant? The answer is absolutely no. women will never be allowed to drink wine while they are pregnant even they have control for it

There are so many spots for women that are so sensitive when they are in pregnancy. The vulnerable spots will be more clearly seen when they are pregnant. For instance, some women who are addicted to wine and they are pregnant, they may ask “can you drink wine when your pregnant”?

What you can eat and what you can drink becomes the reliable and the very sensitive things to always be taken care of. It has such really difficult areas to decide when it is about the favorite drink or food. For those who love wine, it can be so difficult to decide.

Is It Safe to Drink Wine While Pregnant?

You may be curious and start to ask to other people “can a pregnant woman drink wine”? It is because you hear some really supportive reasons from your friends or your colleagues about the wine and pregnancy.

Your friends say that having a wine while we are pregnant will never harm the fetus while some of them even suggest it to drink wine. But some others prohibit you to drink any kind of alcohol stuff including the wine. And actually the answer for that question is still controversies. The results are still the same.

Some researchers have such really great results on the matter of drinking. Every kind of things about drinking will have more excessive effects. That will give you such really bad effects if you are drinking too much. It happens to any kind of drinking.

Drinking can give you so many complications even more if you are a pregnant woman. But others also state that drinking wine can be good for the health. And for pregnant women it will affect nothing to the fetus and the mother. But it should be done occasionally.

Maybe it will never satisfy you. The answers are still in controversies. And it will also happen in your surroundings. That is all actually true because they are talking about their experiences. But if those answers do not satisfy you, you need to take a line.

The safest thing and most secure act that you can do to make sure that your baby is safe is that you need to hold yourself of drinking wine. There is no such amount of alcohol that can cause you and your baby no harm.

The Risks Showed While Drinking Wine When Pregnant

It can be so much fatal when the mother cannot really hold and control their wine consumption. Mother can have a faith that wine will never harm for their fetus. It can happen if there is such kind of control acts to drink the wine. But if there are no such controls, then it can cause the fetal alcohol syndrome. Even when they are asking “can I drink wine while breastfeeding?” all the doctors will say no.

The other risk that can cause such really horrible ideas for the baby when the mother has wine drinking acts is the birth defects. The baby will have so many defects that can relate to their physical appearance. Most that can be seen is the abnormalities with their physics. If it goes deeper, then it can cause such mental retardation.

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