Can Smoking Weed Kill You? These Things Should Be Your Concern

can smoking weed kill you? let's learn the information more detail

Can smoking weed kill you in the first place? This still becomes a debatable topic. Many people think that smoking weed can cause death instead of just insatiable appetite from the munchies or other cases that might happened after consuming weeds. There are a lot of rumors said that marijuana or weed will cause death if they consume it too much. There are some health issues which are closely related with smoking weeds.

What Are The Damages?

Can smoking weed kill you? There is no exact answer for this. One of the biggest risks for smoking weeds is the correlation with various pulmonary diseases. But there is only little evidence about the effects of smoking weeds towards lungs especially when we compare it with smoking tobacco. Some research finds that there is no relation between smoking weeds and pulmonary disease. So some speculation still arousing related to this topic.

In many studies, tobacco has greater effects in causing lungs disease and also with higher date rate. Some of the research finds out that more than 45,000 males increase the mortality rate during 15 years which is a fascinating fact related to smoking tobacco. So, can smoking weed kill you? When it comes to death there is no exact prove about this, but smoking weed have several impacts on your body that is not good.

Why We Should Not Smoking Weed?

  • Causing long term effects to the brain

There is no reason why weed is good. Weed has relaxation effects that have long term effects for the brain. Consuming marijuana in a long time will damage your brain because it will create hallucination which is not real and trigger more chemical substances that can destroy your health if it is occur in a long time. Can smoking weed kill you? It is not sure but yes it can create addiction which is not good for anybody.

  • Lowering your IQ

The sure thing from smoking marijuana is not about it is killing you but another effect that will appear when smoking weed is the lowering IQ. According to age of the smokers marijuana will reduce your IQ. For teenager and adults it will significantly reduce the IQ from 6 up to 8 points. This is because of the disruption in the brain circuit that is caused the hallucination and relaxation from weed.

  • Triggering car accident

Can weed cause death? It is probably related to this reason. Some research stated that smoking marijuana will cause car accidents. So it is probably the answer of can smoking weed kill you. The survey stated that car accident caused by marijuana is getting increasing. The driver that smokes weed will drive carelessly and resulting car accidents that can leads to death. So it is not because of the substance of weed that harm the body but the activities that the smokers did.

Can smoking weed cause cancer? The answer is still not sure because there is no prove that marijuana will cause cancer. Marijuana is actually good because it is used in the medical fields as a medicine for epilepsy so there is no reason for marijuana cause cancer. Cancer becomes something that can kill people, so when question “can smoking weed kill you” appears, it becomes blurred to answer this questions. Since there is not prove or evidence related to this.

So when you want to ask can smoking weed kill you it can be seen over time. We cannot decide for now whether the substance in the weed will have harm effects for the body. If smoking weed becomes addicted, it will lead to serious health problems. However it still becomes a speculation. To prove this, it needs a long time research. But to prevent you from the bad effects of smoking marijuana you can prevent yourself to smoke marijuana or weed to prevent any bad effects.

Prevent yourself from smoking marijuana by doing positive activities such as sports or working. Can smoking weed kill you? It will be still become a big question but one sure thing is that smoking tobacco become more harmful than smoking weeds and it is already proven since many decades with all of the chemical substances that tobacco have for the body. If you want to be healthy you should stop smoking and do exercise regularly.

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