Can Constipation Cause Back Pain? These Facts Should Shock You!

can constipation cause back pain? let us know it more detail

Constipation is commonly known as the difficulty in passing stools and having hard and painful stools. Constipation suffered by adult and also children is caused by few fluids in the body. However many people are still curious and start asking can constipation cause back pain? It sounds not familiar, isn’t it? Even though these two things are different, there is possibility for back pain caused by constipation. In some severe cases, constipation is able to cause back pain and even minor cases caused back pain.

What Is Constipation?

Constipation can be determined by the changing condition in the bowel movements. It is usually accompanied by discomfort and difficulty in passing stools. Normal people will pass stools 2 until 3 times a day while some of them may do it 2 or 3 days in a week. This kind of condition commonly happened in which the people will find it difficult to empty the bowels or passing motions.

People suffered from constipation will feel that passing stools is hard, painful and difficult. Severe constipation will cause bloating and cramping pain in the lower abdomen. There are some factors that trigger constipation such as lifestyle, intake of water, fibrous food, and certain medications. Then some people will ask can constipation cause back pain because they experience it.

Constipation and Back Pain Relations

Can constipation cause back pain in pregnancy? The answer is yes. Pregnancy becomes one of the causes of back pain. When people have back pain, it is possible if they got pregnant. Back pain is related to the postures of the women and it is mostly related to the back. Can constipation cause back pain during pregnancy? It is also related to the pregnant women who also often suffered from constipations.

Does constipation cause lower back pain? Actually back is an important part of body that allows us to do various movements. Back pain is resulted from various conditions such as poor back postures, pregnancy, muscle strain, bone injuries and more. If people still ask can constipation cause back pain, the answer will be definite that constipation also triggered back pain.

If you suffered from constipation you will experience excessive strain on the back muscles and it will cause back pain. If people experienced severe constipation for longer time it will have effects on the body. If the constipation got severe the effects on the body will be worse and it will lead to back pain. Severe constipation will cause severe back pain that will make your body sick and hurt.

Can constipation cause back pain on one side? Of course yes. The back pain that you experienced during constipation are vary. It can be on the part of your whole back but it can be in the one side of your back. Usually it is related to the dietary factors or medical conditions that you have. Can constipation cause back pain? It will be something that people will concern more since it is not a comfortable thing to experienced and should be heal sooner.

Back pain that you experienced should be treated sooner and appropriately. If you still asking can constipation cause back pain, you need to realize it soon that these two things are closely related and affects one another. Management of constipation will be the ultimate way to heal from constipation. You can observe the causes of your constipation and try to fix something that go wrong such as previous injuries, muscle strain, disc problems and more.

If you suffered from back pain caused by constipation, you can do something that can make you feel better. If you think can constipation cause back pain, you should try to do something that can heal the constipation such as drinking a lot of water and fluids, add roughage to your diet menu, maintain toilet schedule, and exercise regularly.

So, can constipation cause back pain? Yes it can and you should know how to handle it. Back pain is hurt and will make you feel uncomfortable to move and will affect your daily life. You will not feel comfortable to do a lot of activities as well as feeling aches in your back. You can heal the back pain by reducing your constipation. By treating the constipation you will directly heal your back pain little by little and get better.

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