Can a Pregnancy Test Be Wrong? These Facts Will Shock You

can a pregnancy test be wrong

There is one question that often comes across your mind right after you are using your pregnancy test: can a pregnancy test be wrong? The answer, unfortunately or fortunately, is yes, it can. Today, we will briefly share everything why about can a pregnancy test be wrong if it says positive, can a pregnancy test be wrong after a missed period, can a positive pregnancy test be wrong, and such. Read on.

What Can Be Wrong?

There are some things to answer your “can a pregnancy test be wrong” question. Remember that pregnancy tests and false negative results are more common than ones with false positive result. There are some reasons why the inaccuracies happened.

1. Human Error

If you use home kits, human error makes the most possible problem as the chances are you can miss a step easily in the process, especially if you don’t read the directions carefully.

So, can a pregnancy test be wrong? It can, if you don’t follow the steps in the right order for a good reading.

Apart from that, when you use the kit also determines the result. Remember that in the morning, your levels of hCG are higher so it’s the best time to take the pregnancy test.

However, if you’re still in the early stage of pregnancy, the hormones built up in your system aren’t enough to be detected. Too much water to drink also interferes with the reading as it dilutes the levels of hCG in your urine.

When you take the test and whether you’ve drunk too much water or not can also become the reason of can a pregnancy test be wrong is possible.

2. Timing

Don’t wait too long after you collect your urine sample. For a pregnancy test, be sure the sample you’ve collected will be used in 15 minutes. Apart from that, be sure to give your test enough time to work.

Some pregnancy test kit may require a few minutes so they can develop an accurate reading. You may also need to double-check the test’s expiration date on its package.

Can a pregnancy test be wrong? The answer is yes, it can, if you hurry the test and not giving it enough time, or use the expired pregnancy test pack.

3. Ectopic Pregnancy

This case can also answer your “can a pregnancy test be wrong” question.

Ectopic pregnancy is highly problematic, considering the egg is fertilized anywhere else instead of the uterus. This may interfere with the hCG level in your body, thus causing the accurate reading hard to do.

You need to see your doctor right away if you experience sharp pain in your abdomen area or pelvic while developing common pregnancy symptoms.

4. Medication

There are some medications that can interfere with your pregnancy test. So, can a pregnancy test be wrong? Yes, especially if you are taking medications for fertility containing the hCG hormone.

Those that do not contain hCG, however, can result in inaccuracies in some rare cases. Promethazine or Phenergan is a common allergy drug that can also interfere with some pregnancy test.

There are also other drugs that contribute to false reading to answer your “can a positive pregnancy test be wrong” question, such as anti-convulsants, some diuretics, and some tranquilizers.

5. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions actually can trigger an inaccurate reading in pregnancy tests only in rare occasions, such as liver problems and tumors developing in reproductive system.

Hysterical pregnancy can also result in the increasing of hCG levels produced by the body, thus leading to an inaccurate result in pregnancy test.

So, can a pregnancy test be wrong? If you have certain medical conditions, you may want to consult with your doctor first to determine if yours can affect the result of the reading in the pregnancy test or not.

What to Do Next?

Once you’ve got the reading in your pregnancy test, you may need to consider taking these steps:

  1. Your test result is positive, or you have mixed results after taking a few tests.
    If this happens to you, make an appointment with your doctor. An ultrasound or blood test may be required to confirm the pregnancy.
  2. Your test result is negative.
    Redo the test in a few days or next week if your period doesn’t begin yet. It’s especially recommended if the test was taken before or right after your missed period.
  3. Your period doesn’t start but your test results are always negative. Or you still think you’re pregnant.
    To make sure, check with the health care provider.

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