Must Read! Facts of Cabbage Soup Detox Diet

cabbage soup detox diet can be the right person for limited person only but not for many. Although it may have impressive result, just consider your health in long term condition

Cabbage soup detox diet is also another popular healthy detox diet plan. This diet plan has very impressive result in a very short time. But, many medical experts say that this extreme diet plan may lose your weight in very short time but it will only give you short term benefit. It means there is no one who loses weight with cabbage soup diet plan recipe then stick to it for longer time. The body weight may come back. Therefore, it is good for you who only want to get in shape in a very short time.


You will find this diet program has several variations like cabbage and carrot soup for weight loss and many other else. But, the main ingredient is the cabbage. You will have a drink made of cabbage soup mixture and take it for few cups.

You will take it for 7 days. You have free days in this diet program. You are allowed to take small amount of foods made of fruits and also vegetables. Many publications said that this diet program can cut up to 10 even 15 pounds only in one week.


Cleansing cabbage soup may have impressive result. But, you need to know the calories inside each cup of the cabbage soup. It is said that the calories per cup are 66. In the first day, the dieter will take 860 calories from eating the soup, fruit and also glass of milk.

However, although there are many variations of the recipe of this diet, the dieter is only allowed to take 1,000 calories per day and for the far choice, it is suggested to take 2,000 calories. So, dieters may drop their 800 calories per day due to this restriction.


This diet plan claims to flush out toxins easily. However, many professionals criticize this claim. That is because in the healthy person, his or her skin, lungs, liver and kidneys have plenty of detoxification. It means, your body does a really perfect good job to remove all toxins inside by its own way.

There is no evidence too for any types of cabbage diet plan that are really helpful.  This is what you need to know. The studies and scientific evidences are important to support the effectiveness of this diet plan.


This diet plan may be not good for some people especially those with diabetes. Therefore, before you take this diet plan, it is advised to ask your physician or doctor who knows better about the diet program you will take, your medical history and more including the side effects that you may have. It is because your body needs more necessary nutrients for doing all activates. If you take only cabbage in the calories number that has been stated above, it can weaken your important heart.


Since there is no proof about the long term result of this diet program, for you who want to take this diet, you need to consider a healthier choice for your own health reason. Losing weight is a dream of everyone, but healthier body is a must for everyone to live happily as well as avoid all health problems that you don’t want.

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