Ultimate Reasons to Take Brown Rice Detox Diet

brown rice detox diet is a good choice to take. However, the suggestion from your doctor must not be ignored. So, ask your doctor first before you take this diet plan

Brown rice detox diet is considered as the good choice as it is high in fiber and only needs seven day to cleanse your body system, remove toxins and cut pounds. This brown rice diet weight loss, just like its name, uses brown rice as the main focus of the diet.

Many people ask whether or not this diet program is effective. Well, you will find the answer here. Many people may claim this diet also work well on them to make them healthier due to the nutrients inside brown rice. Does it really work?

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Reasons to Pick Brown Rice

In the brown rice diet reviews, it is found that the premise of this diet is from the facts of brown rice where it is a whole grain as well as fiber that play an important role in cleansing the body system. Brown rice that is milled, will remove the inedible outer hull and the rest of grain is not or left intact. It makes this diet is healthy and the whole grain will work impressively just like a broom as it will work right in the intestinal tract.

Nutritional Benefits When You Eat Brown Rice

Any brown rice diet recipes you will take, it is good since it consists of healthy ingredients and advised by the experts. For the nutrients inside brown rice, they include vitamins, minerals and fiber. We can mention several nutrients such as essential fatty acids, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6 and manganese. These are all available in brown rice.

Brown Rice Diet Options

There are two options of this diet program to follow. First, it is called by Brown Rice Diet 1. This diet plan requires eating about 5 to 6 small meals made of brown rice per day for two weeks. The brown rice is cooked with water and there is no other ingredients mixed. For this diet plan, there is no other food you will eat. For the liquid, it includes drinking 8 to 10 glasses of fresh and pure water per day. Fresh vegetable juices are allowed but it is only occasionally.

Second is called Brown Rice Diet 2. This second diet plan has better balanced approach. You will not only take brown rice but also eat fruits as well as vegetables that are preferably raw. It is highly recommended to take only organic and raw fruits or vegetables. Take plenty of pure water and limited fresh fruit juices that have been recommended are also permitted. This can be your good choice if you want more balanced approach.

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You may ask, what is the better choice between first and second diet? Well, if you take the first diet program, you may lack of nutrients since your body will take brown rice and pure water. Second diet plan can be said friendlier as it has fruits and vegetables. Any decision you will take, it is recommended to ask your doctor first as he or she knows your medical history. This is to keep your health in good condition whether you will pick the first or second diet plan.


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