7 Bone Marrow Nutrition That Will Make You Live Better

Bone marrow nutrition facts and health benefits here show you what to do with bone marrow. Taking the bone marrow in your diet may lead you to your better life

Bone marrow nutrition becomes a hot topic to discuss among keto and paleo community. Marrow can be found in the center of the animal bones, such as birds, mammals and even fish. Larger animals have larger bones and better source of marrow. Many are confused whether marrow is healthy or unhealthy. The fact says that bone marrow has 100{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} protein and very low in fat. Therefore, eating bone marrow nutrition will lead you to some health benefits.

Let’s us discuss the bone marrow nutrition facts and the health benefits. Here is the list.

  1. Calories

A half ounce beef bone marrow has 125.59 calories. Beef bone marrow is high in fat so that this serving should be smaller than the serving of other high protein items, such as fish and steak. Because you will not eat bone marrow alone, you can eat it with toast and other dishes, you need to also consider the calories of the foods.

  1. Protein

A half ounce beef bone marrow serving has 0.04g protein. It is not equal with 1{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of daily protein intake that is required. According to Mayo Clinic, you may need between 50 and 175 grams protein intake every day. It is important to meet this requirement because protein can help boost your immune function. Additionally, it also supports your energy levels and contributes in maintaining and developing lean muscle mass.

  1. Nutrients

Talking about beef bone marrow nutrition, you should not have high expectation because a half ounce beef bone marrow serving has small amounts of nutrients. It contains 6.31mg calcium that is 1{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the daily requirement. Calcium is needed to support strong teeth and bones. Working together with sodium, magnesium and potassium, calcium helps maintain blood pressure at the normal, healthy level.

  1. Fats

One serving size of beef bone marrow has 6.79g unsaturated fat. It is 10{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the daily requirement. Luckily, it does not contain saturated fats. With the unsaturated fats that it contains, beef bone marrow can help reduce the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, taking beef bone marrow also means that you need to limit the total fat consumption about 20{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} to 35{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the daily calorie intake.

  1. Fatty Acids

In addition to the healthy fat, bone marrow also consists of omega 3 fatty acid. It is essential to support the brain function. Glycine, an amino that repairs proteins, is also provided by bone marrow. All of the fatty acids are good for wound healing delay, skin problems, and immune system improvement.

  1. Lipids

Bone marrow is a source of alkylglycerols that give a good contribution in producing white blood cells inside the bone marrow itself. This substance is good to fight against infection and maintain the health condition, especially when someone has immune problems that are caused by cancer. The alkylglycerols levels increases within tumor cells because they will control the cell growth.

  1. Gelatin

Bone marrow also contains gelatin that has several health benefits. Some reports reveal that gelatin gives contribution in weight loss, plateaus, digestion, brain function, joint pain, sleep, bone health, and appetite suppression.


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