Important Blackberry Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits You Must Know

Blackberry nutrition facts show that this berry fruit is low in calorie and high in nutrients so that it provides lots of health benefits. Here are some points you must know

You love eating blackberry but don’t know the blackberry nutrition facts? Let us give you some information. You already taste this sweet and juicy fruit. You need to thank to this fruit because it provides you low calorie. This means, this fruit is good to maintain your health. Blackberry is one of the most popular summer fruits, but knowing the following facts, you may expect that you are able to have this food every time you want, not only during the summer time.

There are many varieties of blackberry. Luckily, the nutritional value of those varieties is not much different, although the size and flavor can be different from one variety to the other varieties. Whichever the blackberry you take, you are likely to have the following benefits.

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Blackberries Nutrients Info

Just like the other berries, blackberries are low in calories. On the other hand, they are rich in nutrients. If you ask about the blackberry calories, this fact will tell you that half cup of blackberries contain 37 calories. In addition, they also contain 9g carbohydrate and 4g fiber. Thanks to the high nutrients content, such as the vitamin A, C, and K, fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Now, you can predict some health benefits that you can take from consuming blackberries. As we know, vitamin A is good to maintain eye health. Vitamin C can promote wound healing, help body absorb iron and keep gums healthy. Vitamin K and magnesium are good to support bone health. Fiber is good to keep you regular and to help control cholesterol. Finally, potassium has a significant role in maintaining the healthy blood pressure levels.

Finding and Storing the Right Blackberries

To get the maximum benefits of this fruit, you need to skillfully find the right blackberries. Mostly in the US, blackberries are available during the summer season. Therefore, in the summer, blackberries are easily to find and more affordable. They also have better taste. Just find the berries with slightly dull colored. This indicates that the berries are already ripe and ready to eat.

You need to also pay attention to how you should store this fruit. Blackberries can be kept in the refrigerator up to 1 week. You better store them with their original package or alternatively, you can put them on a plate and cover them with plastic wrap. To use within a year, you can freeze them. Place the berries on a baking sheet and put in the freezer until you find them frozen. Then, transfer them in freezer bags.

Other Facts to See

Not only do you know about the blackberry nutrition facts and health benefits, but you need to also see the following facts about this fruit. First, the dark blue tones refer to the antioxidants that this fruit has. Antioxidants make this fruit good to lower the risk of cancers. Second, blackberries have some other names, such as lawers, thimbleberry, dewberry, bramble and brambleberries. Third, the barks and the leaves were traditionally consumed to treat gums inflammation and sore throat.



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