Black Diarrhea: Does It Sign a Serious Illness?

there are some kinds of reasons and symptoms that can make people feel more about the black diarrhea. It can be the light and severe symptoms that need further attention

Some people just will be freak out when they found that they have black diarrhea in their stool. For you who do not know the term yet, black diarrhea is a condition where the feces turn to be dark or black in color. Normally, feces will look brighter but rather pale. It can be yellow or brown. But if it is darker color, it can be referred to the black diarrhea. But it is actually not the ultimate conclusion. There are some other considerations about concluding the disease.

Black diarrhea is not always a bad condition. In many cases, it can be considered as the normal condition. It is because not all dark color is intended to the black diarrhea. It can be caused by normal digesting. Body ingests particular medications. That makes the feces are full of that substances. The iron supplements are the most normal and the most obvious causes of the black color. It has to be ensured about the color changing first.

On the other hand, black diarrhea cannot be neglected since it may lead to serious problem. In some other cases, there are also some of the diseases which make the black diarrhea happen. It can be the sign of the blood. It happens mainly in the digestive tract. When the digestive tract has problems, then the feces will make the effects. The causes can be ranged. It will depend on which digestive system is bleeding. It can be anywhere from the mouth or nose to the inner organ, like colon.


The Cause of the Black Diarrhea

When it is about the black diarrhea, there are many cases which can be used as the trigger. The black diarrhea that is caused by the bleeding is then called as melena. It can be in any part of the inside organ. Melena is the medical term for the bleeding that happens in the intestinal tract. When the melena dark stool is caused by something else, then it will be called as false melena. But for the black diarrhea there are some causes.

  • Foods

There are some particular foods that can cause the black diarrhea. It is ranged from the fruits to vegetables. Some meats also cause the disease. Mainly, it will be colored all in black or dark color. The vegetables and fruits like the blackberries, blueberries, and beets are the cause of the black watery stools. Some foods like the black pudding or black licorice can make the occurrence. For some reasons, the black diarrhea food poisoning is also mattered.

  • Supplements

It is mostly about the iron supplements. Black diarrhea can be the sign of there are something bad happened in the body. It will be specifically pointed to the intestinal tract. It can be the sign that the body is low for the iron supplements. Other supplements like charcoal are also the reason. This supplement can be used to bind some other drugs on the intestinal tract.

  • Stomach bleeding

Black diarrhea and stomach pains are also related. These two things are much related. It is coming from the ulcers. There will be problems with ulcers when the black diarrhea is happening. The infections, caners, and stomach acid is the reason why the ulcers are so painful. When the ulcers are so painful, then it will make the support idea by showing the feces.


Symptoms of the Black Diarrhea

There are also some other symptoms that will also happen when the black diarrhea is about to come. It will depend on the problems or issues that trigger the black stools. It can be in the condition, disorder, and the disease. Some symptoms are already seen. There are also many researchers about that.

  • Usual symptoms

There are some simple and usual symptoms that generally occur when a person is going to have the black diarrhea. It includes the abdominal cramping, bloated feeling, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, bad smelling stool, and poor appetite.

  • Severe symptoms

In some cases, there are also some other diseases that makes the black diarrhea as the first punch. There will be some life-threatening conditions where people should check their body. Black watery diarrhea can be also the reason. Others are dizziness, palpitations, consciousness problem, and sometimes because of the black diarrhea after drinking, there are severe fever happened. It can make the person feel so weak and lazy.


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