Secrets to Find the Best Type of Green Tea

Green tea comes from some countries and available in some different types. Here are the best types of green tea and how to find the best green tea that gives us more benefits

Lovers of tea must try assorted types of green tea. We would like to tell the lovers of tea about some best type of green tea. Green tea has plenty of benefits for health and even for weight loss. Every type of green tea comes with different benefits. Now, we are willing to show the lovers of tea like you the most famous types of green tea. When choosing to consume green tea, everyone must consider green tea’s antioxidant content and other benefits that will be given by the green teas.

Brewed VS Bottled Green Tea

Among the other types of green tea, the best type of green tea to drink is the brewed organic one that comes from Japan or Sri Lanka, they’re the best one. Which one do you think is better between brewed green tea and bottled green tea?

If the antioxidants are your consideration when you’re looking for the best green tea, opt for brewed green tea instead of bottled green tea. Several years ago, there was a study said that polyphenols in a cup of brewed green tea is equal to polyphenols in twenty bottles tea.

Polyphenols are type of antioxidants. How come the antioxidants in the bottled green tea are lower than the antioxidants content in brewed green tea? When preparing the bottled green tea, the producers will use processing methods that lower antioxidant content in bottled green tea, that’s why drinking brewed green tea is much more recommended if you want the best type of green tea for health benefits. Green tea comes from some different countries. Which country produces the best type of green tea?

Another study said many types of green tea contain aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and some other heavy metals. The organic green tea usually contains more cadmium, aluminum, and lead but lower arsenic compared to regular green tea. The organic and regular green teas that come from China have higher aluminum. Organic green tea that comes from China has higher lead. It is much better for the lovers of tea to choose best type of green tea for weight loss from the other countries.

Sri Lanka is another country that produces organic green tea. The organic green tea produced by Sri Lanka contains lower aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, and lead. Organic green tea that comes from Japan contains lead, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum all in moderate levels. No matter where the origin of your green tea is, either regular or organic, you need to brew the green tea in shortest time that’s recommended by the producer. Brewing your green tea much longer will give tea extra heavy metals.

Conventional VS Organic Green Tea

So, which one is better between conventional green tea and organic green tea? Organic green tea is more recommended than conventional green tea. Everything that is labeled as an organic usually is not identical with pesticides.

Some types of green tea that have awesome benefits for our health are including bancha green tea, gunpowder green tea, sencha green tea, matcha green tea, and gyokuro green tea. Pick one that gives you more benefits for your health.

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