Best Way and Best Time to Take Probiotics for Maximum Benefits

Best time to take probiotics influence the benefits that we can take from these friendly bacteria. Below, we can learn how to find the best probiotics and how to deal with them

Probiotics are microscopic organisms or bacteria that live in our digestive tract and they are helpful as they provide some benefits when they are well-maintained. To make use of these friendly bacteria, we need to know the best time to take probiotics, the right ways to find the best type of probiotics and how to maintain the bacterial balance. They can’t be taken anytime you want, especially when you are also consuming antibiotics. There are some points to learn.

The Benefits of Probiotics

There are plenty number of benefits offered by these bacteria. They produce some substances that help normalize cholesterol, improve the protective barrier so that gut contents leak are prevented, produce vitamin K1, and lower down the blood pressure. They are also beneficial to prevent cavities, aid in lactos digestion, lower down the pH of intestines, neutralize pre-cancerous compounds, detoxify consumed carcinogens, utilize oxlates to prevent kidney stones, produce compounds that inhibit tumor growth and many more.

How to Find the Right Probiotics

Before we talk about the best times to take probiotics while on antibiotics or without antibiotics, we need to know how to find the right probiotics. There are several options to take and we need to take one of them based on our purpose. You can read the label of the probiotics and find the right substances. If you have diarrhea, you can take yogurts because they contain lactobacillus that helps with lactose intolerance.

We need to also see that there are several forms of probiotics. You can find them as tablets, liquids, powders and capsules. You can find them online, or in some health food stores, drugstores or grocery stores. In addition to yogurt, you can also find probiotics in some other foods, such as buttermilk, fermented milk, unfermented milk, kefir, soft cheese, tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, etc.

Best Times to Take Probiotics with Antibiotics and without Antibiotics

You may think about the best time to start taking probiotics. You need to remember the last time you take antibiotics. You may also have a question when to take probiotics, whether in the morning or night and whether when the stomach is empty or with food. After you choose the probiotics, you better choose them with the help of doctor. It is the time to find the best time to take probiotics morning or night.

Some of them are packaged in time release. It is a good start to call the manufacturer. But if you are in doubt, you may assume that the probiotics you take are without time release. What to keep in mind is that high acid environment can kill these friendly bacteria. Therefore, it is better for you to take probiotics after a meal. Empty stomach may have high acidity of the stomach and this may reduce the benefits of probiotics.

How to Maintain the Bacterial Balance

Using fermented foods, such as yogurt and homemade sauerkraut, you can establish and replenish the bacterial flora. Ideally, we take fermented food in our daily diet. Probiotic supplement will provide addition support. There are some factors that disturb the bacterial flora condition, such as stress, contaminated food, diet changes, and chlorinated water. We may find those factors any time so that it s better to maintain the bacterial balance by taking probiotic supplement every day.


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