How Dermatologists Choose the Best Makeup for Acne That Works Best?

makeup for acne prone skin dermatologist

The best makeup for acne can be claimed by the brands on its label. However, not all of them are actually the best since dermatologists may not recommend using some of them. The best makeup for acne prone skin dermatologist must be healthy from the ingredients first. Then it needs to work excellently in removing the acne or complexion caused by acne such as scar or blackhead. Besides that, it can make your skin look flawless and smooth. This is how the makeup must be selected.

Pick the Best Makeup for Acne

Before you take the best makeup for acne, it is important to understand what happen to your skin first. Acne on the skin can be caused by several factors like bacteria and also occlusion of pores. That is why a dermatologist will advise to take best makeup for acne prone skin that can breakout the pore then remove the bacteria inside. However, not all makeup is created in equal for all skin type. So, the best one is by picking this makeup based on your skin type. It will lead you to the best makeup.

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Acne may grow and spread on your skin since you pick the wrong cosmetics. It means cosmetics may have a role to the development of the acne. So, make sure you will select the best makeup for acne that has no ingredients that will clog the pore or help develop the acne. It is advised to avoid the comedogenic products. You need to ensure if the best makeup for acne you will pick is free from the following ingredients since they have a role as pore cloggers. Here are the ingredients;

  • Alcohols: Any kinds of alcohol like oleyl or cetearyl alcohol including other types has a role in the development of the blackheads and white heads. They will lead to the acne lesions. Alcohol makes the acne worse even to the severe level since it irritants and dries out your skin. The irritation triggers flare-ups where it makes the best makeup for acne has difficulty in fighting the acne. So, it may need medical treatment if the alcohol makes the acne severe.
  • Lanolin: You should avoid taking the makeup that has lanoline inside. Lanolin may be used as an emollient where it can soften the skin but it and its derivatives such as acetylated lanolin will play a role to lead to the breakouts.
  • Silicones: Any types of silicone like cyclohexasiloxane or cyclopentasiloxane including other forms such as phenyl, dimethicone including trimethicone are considered as ingredients that are sometimes used in the makeup for acne. But, the best makeup for acne will not use this ingredient. Besides that, you need to avoid petrolatum where sometimes can be found in foundation or moisturizer.
  • Oils: Some makeup for acne has oil inside it just like mineral oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil. A dermatologist suggests not taking foundation that has oil. It is because adding extra oil on your oily skin can make the acne grow faster and clog the pores. The best makeup for acne must be free from any oil ingredients.
  • Fatty acids: You may find makeup for acne also has ingredients like ehylhexyl palmitate where it is a derivative if the palm oil also has a role to make the acne getting worse. Remember that although natural ingredients can be considered as comedogonic where you need to avoid it.

Ensure the Best Makeup for Acne Has 4 Ingredients

Dermatologist suggests taking the best makeup for acne that has four ingredients. They are aloe vera, vitamin A, Retinols and Antimicrobial Peptide 10. These ingredients are helpful and can work best in dealing with the acne as well as other causes of acne. Dermatologist then suggests taking the following non-comedogenic foundations that have free oil ingredients as the best choice to have. They are;

  • CoverGirl Clean foundation
  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear
  • Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup
  • Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation

You can find them and others that have the ingredients above in any drugstore either online or offline. Those foundations are affordable. You may read the ingredients on the label as well as directions to use it. The best makeup for acne must be healthy from the ingredients and work excellently. You can read the reviews of each of them.


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