Keep Yourself Aware of Beginning Pregnancy Symptoms

Beginning pregnancy symptoms are not only about nausea, vomit, and late menstrual period. There are some other things you may miss in case of physical and non-physical changes

Some of you might know that beginning pregnancy symptoms include nausea, vomit, and a late of menstruation. However, it does not mean that you get pregnant even though you experience some of the symptoms.

It could be simply because your menstrual cycle is not smooth so it causes nausea. Pregnant in the first week counted from the occurrence of last menstrual period. There are some more symptoms that you may miss to make sure if you are pregnant or not.

Non Medically

  1. Physical Symptoms

How would I know if I was pregnant? If you feel it is too early to do the test, the easiest way is by observing physical changes in your body. Physical changes occur due to hormonal changes in the body to prepare the pregnancy.

At early 1 week, you will experience implantation bleeding. It is like menstruation, but only slight. Then, there is also abdominal pain at the lower part of your belly. It is also common changes you may already know.

It is very reasonable and normal if there are some disruptions in the stomach because it is going on process of attachment of the baby in the womb’s wall. So in addition to bleeding, it will be accompanied by cramps on belly.

Breasts growing larger and soft are the next immediate symptoms of pregnancy. Delayed menstruation will also occur due to the fertilization process in the ovaries which will not be removed from the body but becomes the baby.

Morning sickness or nausea and vomit will also hit the women on their beginning pregnancy. It generally occurs in the morning but not possible can happen anytime. You also have so called as frequent urinate.

The bladder will got pressured because the growth of baby in the womb which requires a lot of space. Also, there is increasing of fatigue level while doing activities. In beginning pregnancy, you have to take some more rest since your blood pressure decreases quite significant.

  1. Non-Physical Symptoms

What are some signs of being pregnant in non-physical aspect? There will be times when you feel like something emotional you cannot hold it and feel like it must be fulfilled like want to eat some specific food more and more.

You will also be more sensitive to the strong smell. Sleepy, moody, anxiety, and stress are also non-physical symptoms caused by hormonal changes. It is important to manage your emotion to avoid the depression that harmful for the baby in early pregnancy.


Medically, pregnant symptoms can be known by using a test pack. As we know, we can buy it in the nearest pharmacy or drugstore. The results are very accurate and very easy to use. Simply by taking the first urine in the morning and noticed the sign.

If there are two lines, it means you are pregnant. Another way is to ask for an ultrasonography test in the hospital. We can immediately see the baby’s condition in the womb. Some may occur together but not all women got all the symptoms.

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