The Increased Number of World Autism Statistics: What the Experts Say?

Autism statistics recently reveal that the number of autism children is always increased from year to year although the causes and the exact treatment are still questionableAutism is likely to be the serious problems in many countries. According to the world autism statistics, the number of autism children is increased. You probably still remember about the autism facts which were documented in 2007. The facts which were reported by Center for Disease Control in the United States reveal that the autism ratio is 1:110 which implies that among 110 children, one of them is autism. This growing number is noted at 57{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the ratio in 2002.

The similar findings also take place in the other countries such as England, Canada, and Japan. From these autism statistics worldwide, time by time the number of autism is always increased. This autism statistics also strengthen the findings of various studies which mention that the autism symptoms are frequently found at the boys than the girls in the ratio 4:1. According to CDC, the prevalence for boys climbs at 60{3c23e2fbf4e2cadbef517e4ba19d1fe7405b738de707bdb2dba0ebeca58eba46} of the statistics in 2002.

Various autism statistics and studies describe that the growing number of autism children can be explained through the broad characteristics determining the autism diagnose and the information access of autism. Instead, there is a big question on the causes of this problem. Here the interesting point is why many children experience autism. The answer is not simple since there are many factors. The development of the diagnose method is equal with the increasing autism number.

Those statistic which merely show the increasing number of autism children certainly make everyone worried since the causes of the autism are mysterious. However, some experts state that the autism is early developed far before the baby is born. On the other words, the autism is perceived as the genetic problem. One of the recent research findings reveal that the autism people have general gen with the different variety.

This finding is expected to be beneficial for autism statistics and the development of therapy and the prevention for the children. In this case, this research which is published by Journal Nature compares the gen between the thousand autism children and the normal ones. The conclusion is that most of the autism children have gen variety of their DNA which affects on the brain. An American expert of embryology, Patricia Rodier states that the damage happens at the fetus development.

Some researchers also reveal that there is a linkage between autism and the little mistake on the DNA segment which is located in the communication cell. Another researcher, Mishew found that the autism children have a smaller brain part which is responsible for controlling the memory and emotion center than the normal own. The finding concludes that it takes at the third semester of pregnancy. It is likely to be the supporting statement that statistic should be aware of.

In addition to be beneficial for autism statistics, this finding can also open the opportunity to answer how to overcome the problem of the development and function of brain cells which the autism children experience. Although the finding related to the DNA cause of autism is not the first time, up to know there is no exact answer to prevent the autism. However, the abundant research findings and the intensive study from the expert should be appreciated.

Previously, before the autism statistics are rarely updated and supported with the research findings, common people assume that the autism is caused by the authoritarian parents to the children. Here the autism children were not properly treated. In this case, today’s people should be thankful for the development of the technology which can support the intensive study and accurate research findings related to autism.

However, the development of the technology also impacts on the autism of the children. Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine states that the Wi-Fi signal is verdict to fasten the number growth of autism children. In this case, Dr. George Carlo also adds that the usage of cell phone also impacts on the growing number of autism statistics.

Due to the growing number of autism statistics from year to year, it is better for the parents of the autism children implement the recommended treatment. In this case, the point is that they can lead their children to get socialized and communicated. The roles for all stakeholders are relatively crucial for the better treatment of autism children.

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