Revealing Facts Why Aurora Mental Health Is the Best Place to Trust

Aurora Mental Health is a community health center in which the main concern is definitely the care of mental health. It was founded long ago which then operates in a donated place

Aurora Mental Health was actually founded by a group of people who concerned about Aurora. The group was led by a woman named EllinMrachek just with a great idea of bringing the best mental health services to the city. The year was 1975 with a donated space as the place where the first service of this Aurora Mental Health Center given to the needed people for the sake of a better life for everyone.

After that period, the Aurora Mental Health continues to grow rapidly into a kind of full-service of area with more than just 400 people working as its employees. It has around 50 interns and 80 volunteers that Aurora has known as a community mental health center. It even brought the Colorado Division of Mental Health to honor it as one of the very best in several years. That was an outstanding achievement surely for this particular group who was just concern about one problem.

Today the development of the Aurora Mental Health has reached its greatest time just yet supposedly. There are 16 specialty clinics, 6 residential facilities, 2 county departments of human services, and even public schools. Despite of just a simple idea, the result is absolutely great for a group which was even started in a donated space. Today it has done many good things for many people who have a better life nowadays.

Surely today the founder is not here any longer although its great character will always be there following her legacy. That legacy of EllinMrachek includes The Mrachek Middle School in Aurora and also EllinMrachek Scholarship Fund to the Community College of Aurora as well as the Aurora Mental Health itself. It continues to deliver great things to as many people as it can reach every day.

As the founder of the Aurora Mental Health, EllinMarchek was an educator and even served on her duty as both president and vice-president on the Public Schools Board of Education within 12 years long. Back then she concerned a lot about problems related to mental health and also kids who are not in school. Education itself is also an important thing to address according to her so that now there are also public schools under the name of Mrachek.

Within the many years of its development, Aurora Mental Health in term of its center area of operating, there have been awards and also recognition which are all great to be proud of. These are the achieved recognitions and also awards of it that will greatly ensure you about the quality and also commitment to promote a better health state in the world regarding mental health.

  • The Older Adults Program was picked as Program of the Year by Colorado Mental Health Association (1982)
  • The Community Living Program was selected as Program of the Year by National Council of Community Mental health Centers (1985)
  • The Dual Disability Program was chosen as Program of the Year by Colorado Mental Health Association (1989)
  • The Therapeutic Preschool Program was selected as Program of the Year by Colorado Mental health Association (1993)
  • The Center of Aurora Mental Health was named as the number one by Colorado Mental Health Center (1999)
  • The Wellness Program was given the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council’s Golden Lightbulb Award to its innovation (1999)
  • The Aurora Center was broadcasted by the MSNBC show of Champions of Industry Series (1999)
  • The Aurora Center was chosen as one of the top mental health centers according to the Colorado Division for Mental Health (2000)

Those are some of the achievements obtained by the Aurora Mental Health just until the year of 2000. Surely after the year of 2000 there have been many more achievements and also recognitions of being a really helpful group. Yet those achievements are not easy to obtain without sticking to the main mission and goal of the entire people in the group.

The mission of this center or group is to actually create a kind of healthy and also secure communities which is going to be achieved by providing a set of least restrictive service. It will be really beneficial in ensuring the quality and also the so-called efficient care for those with mental health issues for quite long time in which the Aurora Mental Health will continue to work.

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