Armpit Rash: Types and How to Take It at Bay

Armpit rash is a problem which turns out to be common. It can be caused by several things which can also be avoided and prevented to be worse by first knowing the main cause of it

Within human’s body there are areas which are prone to irritation such as the armpit in which a problem called as armpit rash could attack everyone at any given time. Being a kind of dark and also sweaty place, the armpit itself is a perfect place for a rash to grow. Despite of the fact that people cannot see it, the feeling of someone having this problem is completely uncomfortable. The terrible itch and irritation may just be reaching a level of being unbearable.

Armpit rash could be red and bumpy or it could also be scaly and white. Either way, it will not be comfortable at all when you have it there in your armpit. There are many things which could cause this particular problem. Thus there are also many ways that could be done to deal with the irritation and itch of armpit rashes itself. If you want to find out the proper ways to deal with this problem surely you will have to understand it first.


Atopic Dermatitis

One of the types regarding the problem of armpit rash is the one called as atopic dermatitis. It has its popular term of eczema which turns out to be a condition started possibly during childhood period. This type of rash is actually common to be found in some folds of the body. It could be identified by its red look which is also completely itchy and that it can actually crust over.

In order to be able to deal with this one particular type of armpit rash, there are several things to do for the easy ways. The probable irritant that leads to the rash should be found first. Once it is found then it should not be used anymore. If you have this problem then you should not scratch it since that can only make it worse for real. When scratched it could lead to a more severe armpit rash infection.

Furthermore when you have this armpit rash type then you should consider switching to cotton clothing only. The clothes should be loose as well instead of being tight. Other materials of clothing may simply make it worst without you knowing at all. Since scratching is not allowed, you should consider rubbing the area with the rash itself. This will greatly help you to deal with the uncomfortable feeling caused by the rash itself.


Contact Dermatitis

One more type of the problem of armpit rash is the one called contact dermatitis. This one could happen when the skin is in contact with a kind of allergen or even irritant. When it is there in your armpit, it is most likely caused by lotion, deodorant, laundry detergent, or even the fabric of clothes. The key in dealing with this type is to find the actual irritant which started the problem itself.

Avoiding the initial exposure towards the irritants will definitely be helpful in preventing armpit rash problem to be worse. In doing so, purchasing products with the label of hypoallergenic or unscented is one of the ways that can be done. Furthermore, wearing long-sleeved shirts along with pants when you are outside is also a great idea related to the problem of rash in this type. One more thing is to always apply hand lotions to avoid drying out skin.

Those two are the common types of armpit rash that can be dealt with as long as the causes are determined. Once the so-called irritants have been found in which they should not be used anymore, there are also more things to do in purpose of making sure that the rash is not getting any worse at all.

Taking a bath in warm water along with the use of colloidal oatmeal is a great idea to soothe the uncomfortable state of having armpit rash. It is easy to do that will really be helpful. Furthermore when the rash is getting hotter and hotter, using cool compresses in the area of the rash is also recommended. This will prevent the terrible feeling to get worse.

One more thing which is said to be able to eliminate or at least reduce the terrible effect of rash is to actually relax. Relaxation will definitely helpful to aggravate some forms or types of rash. Furthermore by doing relaxation you will feel it easier to resist scratching the armpit rash that you have.

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