Are Avocados Bad for You? These 6 Facts Will Give You the Answer

Are avocados bad for you is a common question as the result of confusion about what they contain. Here we have 6 facts that will guide you to find the answer of that question

Are avocados bad for you? Those who keep asking this question do not really know whether or not avocados good for you. Difference is a common thing. We mean that someone may need high nutrients intake from avocado, but you need to avoid this fruit. To make sure whether this berry is good or bad for you, here are some facts to see and you can later decide by yourself whether to take it or leave it.

  1. Common mistake

Many people think that avocado is a vegetable. It is a common mistake about avocado. In addition, there is another common mistake of avocado. It is about the calorie and fat content. Indeed, avocado has high calories and fat. However, this high content does not make this fruit dangerous for our health. The fat is monounsaturated fat that is exactly good for our body because it promotes heart health and supports our basic body functions.

  1. High calories

It is important to check and refer to our calorie intake. However, it is more important to see the details of nutrition facts of avocados or any foods that you take. A cup of cubed avocado has 240 calories and 22g of fat. When you compare it with broccoli and green beans, this amount of calorie and fat is higher. A cup of broccoli only consists of 52 calories and 6g fat, while a cup of green beans has 44 calories and 3g of fat.

  1. High fats

Unlike some people that can avoid consuming avocado to reduce the calorie intake, those with high cholesterol do not need to avoid avocado due to its fat content. You may ask, are avocados bad for you if you have high cholesterol.

You need to understand that the fat in avocado can exactly lower your cholesterol. You are suggested to take foods with healthy fat that helps your body with hormone production, healthy skin and hair, good vitamin absorption and excellent internal organs pad.

  1. Low Saturated fats

Still about the fat that avocado contains, you need to also understand that avocado is low in saturated fat. This simple fact answers the question “are avocados fattening”? No, they are not fattening because the fat is healthy and it supports your healthy. Although avocado is one of the fattiest foods, the majority of their fat is oleic acid that gives several beneficial effects.

  1. Nutrition facts

A cup of cubed avocado, in addition to their high calories and fats, also contains some healthy nutrients, such as 10g fiber, 15mg vitamin C, 52mg vitamin K, 3mg vitamin E, vitamin B, 122mg folate, and 728mg potassium.

Luckily, these nutrients give some health effects, such as the supports for digestion and heart health by fiber, improves blood clotting by vitamin K, and supports good red blood cell production by vitamin B.

  1. Latex allergy

Although avocado is very good for health, but if you have latex allergy, you need to be more careful with this fruit. If you plan to add this berry fruit to your diet, you better talk to your doctor first. This is important because those with serious latex allergy may experience symptoms after they consume avocado.


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